Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bastard Husband: A Love Story

If you are following me and are not already following Linda Lou (who?) then you are doing it wrong.
Linda is an amazing woman living in Vegas (in sin?) who sometimes performs Stand Up and the local joints and dives, works a real job, travles more than anyone I have ever known in my life and also writes books.

Her First book is Bastard Husband: A Love Story and it's the type of book that makes you want to get married just to get divorced.  Develop a talent and use it to the best of your abilities so that you too can tell your story and be as cool as Linda.

In all seriousness - The Kindle version of the book is FREE this weekend. 4/13 - 4/14.
Free, did you hear that folks.


So, click the word free - Head on over to and Pick this bad boy up.
You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't.
Even if you don't have a kindle - Go Grab it for FREE now because you can read it on your computer or tablet or smart phone with the kindle app.  Even those crappy iThings have the kindle app.  You can probably even put the app on the Barnes and Noble Nook imitation POS.

Jesus will love you for it.



  1. I picked up this book previously and loved it. The fact that I follow Linda Lou's blog made it even better!!

    1. Yeah, I got mine a while back - but will shamelessly promote it for her since Linda is an awesome person!

  2. Au contrar mu frar (I'm just sounding the shit out tonight instead of looking it up).

    I plan on being an amazing husband and father - This book will be my "what not to do" training.

  3. I picked this up one of the last times it was free on Amazon and downloaded it on my crappy iThingie. I rarely just sit down and read when I'm home. I've been reading it on my phone when I'm waiting at the doctor/dentist or when I'm waiting for a seat at the poker table and have found it very interesting and funny.