Thursday, April 11, 2013


After looking at my surroundings and certain things in my past I've come (again) to the conclusion that I'm quite spoiled.  I'm not talking like a small child gets spoiled by multiple sets of grandparents (though I'll admit that I've had my fair share of that type of spoiling as well.  It happens when you're so bloody perfect like myself) but in a different way.  So, on my drive home tonight I tried to come up with some sort of theory as to how this happens to me.  It's a little rough and couple probably use some polish but here goes.

So in the normal scheme of things chicks see a hot guy and they're all like "I want to ravage him and have his babies."
But, being that I'm not quite your typical hot guy I think that a certain breed of woman looks at me and says: "oh, look at that belly, I want to cook for that guy.  I bet he'd really like my skills in the kitchen."

And thus (to use a quote that I hate) it is what it is.

I am currently very spoiled in the food department and it makes it quite hard to continue my weight loss road.  I've got a mother who is a great cook even though I tease her about a couple of mishaps in the kitchen that happened like 20 years ago.
I've got a lady in my life who is also a great cook.  Almost everything she has made I've loved and when we have a night in where she's going to cook I get excited about it.
And my lady's mom is also a great cook.  I don't remember the name of what I ate the last two days but dayam was it good.  Delicious.
And the great part about all of this is that none of the 3 really make the same things.  My momma makes things like Meatloaf and chicken and porkchops and whatever else but it's always good.
My lady makes Vegetable Soup (which I simply and absolutely love) and some really good rice based dishes.  Her mom cooks pretty much exclusively in Mexican cuisine and so far I haven't eaten anything that I haven't wanted to get fat eating more of.

Definitely NOT my mom's Meatloaf!
So, as I try to become increasingly skinny I've got 3 people cooking for me, spoiling me rotten and making things more difficult.  This is my big temptation at the moment and this is where I have to learn to exercise portion control.  I'll admit flat out that I have failed miserably this week with portion control.  But, one day at a time and one week at a time.  I'm still under 240 and I will not allow that to change.

The food spoiling thing is nothing new to me though.  I've been looking back over the last 10 years or so and see more of it.  This is not in reverse chronological order or anything but...

My last relationship (for all it's ups and downs and fights and whatnot) was also a great cook.  2nd favorite spaghetti sauce and oddly enough introduced me to an amazing meatless taco.  Her family also is full of great cooks as her brother makes AMAZING wings, salsa and some other stuff.  A grandfatherly figure makes great everything and even had a fish taco that I actually would eat more of if given the opportunity.

Going back further in the Way Back Machine is my college sweetie who might not have had the great talent that her family had (but in all fairness we lived on campus and really didn't have the opportunity to properly explore that side nor let her develop the talent).  However her mother and grandmother had a great flair for making damn delicious Italian food.  Her Nonnie made by far, hands down the best tasting spaghetti sauce that I will probably ever taste in my life time.  it was an old fashioned way of cooking it where you started on Monday, kept adding stuff to it during the week and slow cooking it and it was probably ready by the weekend.  Yes, the sauce actually took an entire week to cook but it was so worth it in the long run.  To this day I still get a craving for the sauce now and then.

Jumping ahead to more recent times, I have a great Blonde friend (with some details from a drunken adventure here)  Now I had known Melissa for quite a few years and she makes a most excellent drinking buddy but during one of her trips to Vegas I also discovered that not only does she have a love and thirst for Jaeger but she also can cook some mighty fine food.
I got to go over to her aunt and uncles place where she made some tasty tacos and an amazingly delicious dessert that she called something like heavenly fluffy cloud balls (listen, I can't remember the name of them but they were light and fluffy and lemon flavored and covered with powdered sugar and I wanted to eat like 300 of them).

And finally, to a mutual friend of mine and Melissa's and that is my favorite Red Head ever (not going to use her name because I didn't ask permission).  She was the manager of Hollywood Video when I ran the Game Crazy beside her.  This lady could cook.  In fact, I've got a lot of extra saliva right now just thinking about it.
I first discovered this talent of hers when she would bring some extra food that she prepared to work and let me have some.  Then one day she surprised me by making something just for me so that I could eat during the day.  This little something was a tri-tip steak sandwich which is one of the tastiest things I have ever put into my mouth.  She also brought along a broccoli salad with (I think) little dried cranberries in it, and even though I protested, when I finally ate it I thought it was the greatest salad I have ever day.
It's said that the best cook you'll ever have is your mom, so it's sacrilegious to say this but Red is by far the best cook I've ever tasted.
that makes it sound like I've tasted her.
Which - for the record - I have not.
Only her food.
Which is ALL amazing.
Every last bite.  Every recipe that I've encountered.
It's all great.

A life long of people who have all been willing to cook food for me and during the course of this life I've been blessed (spoiled) by being surrounded by people who are actually very very good at it.
Some people grow up and/or get into relationships with people who can't cook and I feel sorry for them. They are missing out on an important part of life, enjoying home cooked food.
Myself - I am currently surrounded by ladies who are great cooks and keep me fat and happy and I love them all for it.

So, from the bottom of my belly - Thank You!


  1. WHO are these sick people dedicating whole blog entries to food and indulgence?