Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Since Everyone Else is Doing it

The good news is that I have not had some weird Mexican prison 3-way nor have I slept in a closet since college, and really it wasn't truly sleeping in a college as that just happens to be where I drunkenly passed out in a pile of my dirty clothes as they were next to the closet.

Face down ass up, that's the way my drunk ass passes out (Some of you thought I was going elsewhere with that no?).

I'm about 25% of the way through Insomnia at this point.  I'm still not certain if I like or loathe how kindle uses this weird block system instead of a page system.  I can see that I'm 1648 out of 22450 blocks of the book done and my percentage is approximately 21%, but I sure as shit have no idea how this correlates into actual pages if I wanted to pick up the book and continue, unless I decided to do some mad algebra which I haven't touched in a cooooooo... almost made a racist joke.
Dog I love Racist jokes.....
I digress

Either way, about a quarter of the way through Insomnia just reading a little bit before bed.  Yesterday I read before work, at work and then when I got home and I also put in a little time today before coming to type this crap out.
I'm not a fast reader by any means.  I also can't just grab a book and tare through it in one sitting.  My eyes get tired after a while and I get sleepy, I have to take breaks.

I'm enjoying the book so far even though it hasn't really gotten to the point.  Very slow developing at the beginning and there appears to be something with aura's and colors that is going to play a vital role in the last 50% or so.  Even with it being a bit slow I'm still really liking it.
I think my next book is going to be Carrie as they have a remake coming out and I want to watch that before I see the new movie.  I'll probably also force my Love to watch the original Carrie before we go see the new one.
I want to read one book a month for the rest of the year.  Give me a break from Comic's only and slow down the pace I was reading them and my new found massive addiction to them.
I have an addictive personality though so it's easy for me to get sucked into things.
Like blogging for instance.
Video games, Comic Books, Blue Rays, Steelbooks, Garbage Pail Kids, Magic: The Gathering, the list goes on.

I know this is redundant because everyone who reads me probably already reads the T to the B to the C, but he managed to get himself kicked out of Terrible's lol.  Also managed to slam a friend who has been nice to him for quite a while now.  Alienation.
All MGM properties, all Caesar's Properties, Treasure Island, Binions and 4 Queens and now Terrible's.
What's next? Hooters? Arizona Charlies? The Station Casinos?
By 2015 you will have no where in Vegas that accepts you.

This song started randomly going through my head in the shower.
This is from You Fat Bastards: Live at the Brixington Academy in 1991.


  1. So you are another blogger taking a pass on the Mexican prison three-way?

    1. I read that "as opposed to some normal Mexican prison three-way?"... :)

    2. Lightning, it depends on the two mexicans. I'm dating one, can she be involved?