Wednesday, April 03, 2013

One Hundred Thousand

Because I've been busy lately I just completely glanced over this and didn't announce it.

Because I've been making short posts lately I figure why not add another.

Words are for the weak, say what you want with pictures instead.

If I had a dollar for every "view" my blog has gotten I'd be f'n Rich!
I'd also accept a penny per view as well.

I did a Google Image search for 100000 tits and this is what came up (All of these are within the 1st 10 and that counts the porn entries as well)

The last one was for Rob


  1. Last picture = the future Mrs. Rob's Vegas Poker

  2. Congrats, Serge. Good going. But I think you meant to do the search on "100,000 Hits" not "100,000 Tits."

    Thanks for the intro, but I'll pass on the gal in the last pic. Yes, it's true. There is such a thing as tits being TOO BIG, and that gal is not even remotely appealing to me.


    Besides, she wouldn't fit in my car.

    1. when I spent a week at the Mandalay Bay as Store Manager of a Game Crazy, there was also a porn convention going on at the same time.

      As I was walking down a hallway I saw a lady with features close to the gal above, but she had two midgets walking in front of her. Each one holding up half of her personality.

    2. Seems like you need a bigger car, Rob

    3. Yes, Pete, but only when bloggers come to Vegas and start bumming rides from me.

  3. Nice work if you can get it....