Monday, April 01, 2013

I am no April Fool

As things go it's time to get serious about my next progression towards my weight loss.
In my previous post (not linked here) I mentioned that I want to get down to 180 as my new permanent goal and the only way I'm going to actually achieve that is by hitting the gym and getting in the exercise that I proclaimed that I would in my New Years Revolutions!

Today I started off at 237 which means I've gained 4 pounds since since my Low of 233 but that In the past two weeks I've still lost almost a whole pound - which is progress!

Today for the first time this year I decided to hit the gym.  It's later in the year than I wanted to start but they always say better late than never right?  I pretty much plan on just using the elliptical at least for the first few months.  I should probably add in some free weights at some point to tone up a little bit but that's not on my agenda right now.

Elliptical will allow me to burn excess calories and improve my cardio, both important to a fat asthmatic!

I plan on going during my 2 days off every week and possibly in the morning on the nights that I work late.
This will allow me to get in 3-4 sessions a week.
I want to get to the point where I can easily put in an hour at a time as well.
I want to start trying to get back into push-ups 3 times a week and Sit-ups as well - but we'll see.
Maybe more motivation than I actually ave.

Today I went for nearly 25 minutes, got in 2 miles and burnt 392 calories.
This gave me an additional 7 Activity Points  for my weight watchers Tracking.

So, lets see if I can stick to the gym and lets see if I can actually track my points every day like I should be and make a difference on my waist line.


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