Monday, April 08, 2013

Ass Kicked - Need Relaxation

Ever have a stretch of time where your ass just gets thoroughly kicked from every direction?
Of course you have, we all have.

So, this is where I have been lately.

I've locked my keys in my car.
I've gotten my car towed.
I've had to rely on others to get me to and fro (and while I absolutely appreciate the help that I have gotten I sure as bloody hell hate having to rely on others to do things for me like getting me to work or taking me home. I feel like a total fucking failure - be that irrational or not).

Now at work I'm right to the point where coverage is going to suck again in Plumbing as my Full Time CSA is leaving and might be replaced with a part timer.
The problem here is that the part timer should have been hired and in training before the full time guy ever left but it won't happen that way.
So instead it'll probably be two weeks of rough coverage until the new guy is hired and then trained.
That is what they call good times right?

In my other department, the little department that just continually gets screwed over and forgotten - Electrical - I've got two full time guys and a part time guy. It was 2 part timers recently but one quit because of the work load.  The other guy has had issue after issue since coming on board and I think has been "off" more than he has been "on" and I fear that it's going to end up with the department with just 2 full time guys.
The 1st one who left was not replaced and there is no plan for replacement (why give me the guy if you are not going to replace him when he leaves? That makes no sense).
So, every day is a struggle there.

There, of course, is always some good as well.
My Love's aunt is in town visiting and I've been spending time over there.  I close tonight and tomorrow which sucks because her mom is making some food that I really like and has invited me over.  Maybe a really long lunch break is in order?
Weds we are taking her aunt to our favorite sushi place and then Friday she leaves.

I close Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then I have 7 straight days off.
I've already made a doctors appointment for Monday.
I'm hoping to set up an Eye doctors Appt for Tuesday or Weds.
I've only read 3 comics this entire month and hope to get in roughly 100 during my 7 days off.
I started reading Stephen King's Insomnia on the 1st, just a little bit before bed every night.  I'm about 10% in and enjoying it but waiting for the creepy.
I figure'd that with the amount of comics that I have been reading I should take a "before you burnout" break and get a book in.

So, I haven't been around much lately but I just haven't really felt like I had anything interesting to say (and some of you would point out that that is nothing new).

P.S. Marvel Currently owns my Soul.

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