Saturday, April 27, 2013

That Escalated Quickly

This is a true story.

So my buddy puts his car up for sale on craigslist and gets a text reply today.
The following is all paraphrased.

Stranger: Hey man, sorry this is so late but is your car still available.
Buddy: Yeah
Stranger: My car broke down and is now costing me a lot of money, I need a car that works. I'm an honest 26 year old and no one is willing to help me.
Stranger: I don't have any money at the moment but I'm willing to trade you my phone, the Xperia XL, AT&T, valued at $650 plus some cash.
Stranger: I can make cash payments a little at a time over the next couple months.
Buddy: Sorry but I can't, I'm selling the car because I have bills I have to pay.
Stranger: Why doesn't anyone want to help me out. I'm going to kill myself

I suggested all of the following.

Pics or it didn't happen
Ask the guy to face time it
Wait a week and then text him asking if he was still looking for a car. If he responds guilt trip him. "I thought you were going to kill yourself, pussy."
my buddy added.
"What, are you a little bitch? Why didn't you go through with it?"

I'm considering putting an ad on Craigslist selling a cheap car but willing to barter. Need an AT&T Phone....


  1. Sony ATT Experia --2 for $99.99 with a two-year contract.

  2. If you enjoyed that, you should check out this web site:

    Funny as a rubber crutch.

    1. Well, I know what I'm going to be doing in the near future.
      That site was great and now I just want to F with people!