Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Red Rock Casino done me wrong

I'm going to try to post whenever I play until I'm playing regularly again.
Regularly is going to be difficult though as my "free" money will be decreasing in the near future.
More on that in 3-4 weeks though.

But now, Red Rock Casino.

I don't know if I just hate myself or what but I decided to head over to Red Rock casino the day after my brutal beatings at Hooters.
However, this time I went prepared and ate beforehand so that I didn't have to suffer a food bad beat and pray that the Red Rock TP was as soft as the MGM TP.

Of course, Red Rock being a locals casino I didn't expect a boat load of action and huge pots everywhere, but the games are generally good every time I go there and it also helps that my biggest win at live poker also came from this room.

Upon sitting I noticed that my table had two readers.  One reading on his iPad and the other reading a paperback.  There was an old man (or 6) and a couple people nearing my age with one younger.

My first seat saw me be card dead and as such I decided to move closer to the dealer when a seat opened up - this ended up being the 9 seat.

About 30 minutes into moving into the 9 seat my luck changed slightly.

I look down and see some Aces in my hand (and by some I mean more than one but less than 3) and decide this would be a good time to make a raise (Actually my 2nd in a row as I just picked a bad spot the previous hand with 35off and found out a guy really loved his hand on a KKx flop).
So, i get a limper and pop it to $12 which nets me two callers.

Flop comes out Jxx with no flush or straight draw currently.  I bet $30 and the guy to my left decides to just throw all his chips into the middle (about $60-70 more to call).
The other person in the hand decides to bow out respectably.

I call without thinking and show my aces and my opponent is about to show his hand when he realizes what my hand is and figures out that he is behind and then decides that showing isn't something he wants to do.
That all changed when the turn was another Jack and he promptly showed his AceJack off leaving me drawing to One Out.

That one out did not hit.

The rest of the night I was card dead with my best two hands being AKo and 66.
Needless to say I still hate poker but will keep playing until I have to give my house away to cover a wreck-less debt.


  1. Only played there once. Did not like the vibe --locals, tight, unfriendly. I ended up winning when my big draw hit, raising a few eyebrows around the table. We were then joined by Mr. Professional Poker Player, who decided to critique every hand and berate the other players. At that I left with a modest profit.

    1. My goal is to keep going to places you have played once but didn't like. :)

    2. My immediate impulse was to 'like' your comment, like this was facebook...

    3. Coach I struggle with this ever day.
      Facebook has ruined us all

  2. Serge, it sounds like we play in a similar way. I will play snug as a bug for an hour, then randomly find a 76 off suit to barrel 3 streets with. It works fairly often, when it doesn't you look crazy, and it keeps the mind active. Variance sucks, I've been dealing with a lot myself in 2013. Keep at it, it can't last forever.

    Do I need to beg to get myself on your blog roll? I would love the honour, :).

    1. No begging necessary, just an over sight. Been meaning to revise it but lazy.