Friday, April 19, 2013

The Boston Bombers

So I spent the day with my love and ended it watching The Amazing Spiderman.
Since the first time I watched the movie I have started reading through the comic books from the beginning and am now recognizing things I never would have before.

So, my whole goal was to get home so that I could write a post detailing things that I have discovered because of the comics and maybe bitch a bit about some of the differences between the comics and the movie(s).

However, upon getting onto my computer I have a friend who was doing play by play on the Manhunt for the Boston Bombers.  it's now over an hour later - I have Fox News (it's online and the quickest one I found with streaming video/audio to listen to in the background) going so I can hear all of the updates.

One of the two guys has been killed (shot several times in the head) and the other guy is currently thought to be inside a 20 block area with police closing in.

While not quite the O.J. "Chase" which was on TV and during Prime Time, I just can't bring myself to shut the computer and get some sleep and just catch up on all of it in the morning.

However, I would like to say that with all of our modern technology helping to track down and capture these two (well one, but two shortly) I'm happy to be living in the where and when that I am.
Less than one week later these guys are getting their just desserts (though they deserve worse I would say) and will both be dead and rotting eternally (if you believe that kind of thing) shortly.

So, in the near future (tomorrow, I'm going to have a lot of free time tomorrow) I want to write about Spiderman Movies/Comics/Games and Gympact.

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