Friday, May 31, 2013

Grrouchie Thoughts Oh Canada TNA

We've gotten a lot accomplished recently to help prepare for stuff to do over the summer.
We signed up at the YMCA so that we can take the kids swimming and as an added side bonus they do have a lot of exercise classes for adults as well. I'm interested in a few of them so it's all a matter of how I can work it around work.
I believe that I also have access to any of the Y's out here in Vegas and one is closer to my house so that gives me two different ones to look at.

Hotel for Disney is booked - we just have to pick up tickets and my old man told me last night that AAA might have some sort of discount for members so I'm going to go look at that today.

Last night while we were eating dinner/playing video games the kids sperm donor happened to call for a few minutes.  He basically told the kid that he's going away for a while and doesn't know how long he's going to be gone or when he'll be back.
This is going to be a hard one to deal with because this is no news that a 7 year old should ever have to deal with let alone over a 2 minute phone call.  So he goes away with no possible way to contact him which means that the poor child can only talk to his dad if his dad actually decides to call.  Shit no child should ever go through.

Skipping back to my previous thought - Prices on and prices on are exactly the same for the tickets.  AAA needs to re-think putting those prices under their "Discount" banner me thinks.

It's kind of funny how Disney just sort of snunk up on us since we were so focused on planning and looking into everything for the wedding.  I was like - really? It's only 2 weeks away?  So, the wedding is being pushed to the back burner until after Disney and at that point it will start getting a lot more of my attention and focus.

Today is payday - which means it's time to practice being a magician again.  I get to look at all of my upcoming bills and make my money disappear.  And speaking of disappearing money I have decided to use my Amazon Rewards Credit Card over the course of the year in order to "earn" myself a gift by the end of it.
I've taken to paying for small things on it and some larger things and then paying them off when it hits the account and the rewards dollars are there.  I pay it off before the Interest hits and so it's a win win.  I'm hoping that by the time the year ends I'll have enough (or close) for a PS4 - it's a long shot but whatever.

And on Bank Accounts - if I can find the motivation today I'm going to head out and close my Bank of America account.  It has reached the end of its useful life (some would say years ago).

Back to Disney again - Upon further review the AAA advantage is free parking at Disney - so being Disney and all I'm quite sure that it probably gets expensive to park there.  I'll have to find out where our Hotel is and if we are driving back and forth or being shuttled back and forth or teaching the child valuable lessons like Hitchhiking and showing a little leg.

It's WSOP time which means that everyone's blogs slow down but visitors to Vegas pick up.  It really sucks being poor this year as it's going to make it hard to get out and visit with some of y'all as you are coming into town and playing some cards or whatever.  I'll do my best to meet up with as many as I can even if it's just for a beer or some conversation or whatever.  There will be a little poker because, lets face it, this is the WSOP and these are the best games of the year.  Lets hope the poker god gives me a heater!


  1. You have been busy. Makes me feel like I've just been playing around.

    1. There needs to be more time to relax and just enjoy the show.
      Today I took a 3 hour nap after coming home, but in all fairness I only slept maybe 8-10 hours the past 3 nights and my body needed the rest.
      Now trying to talk myself into hitting the gym but still feel drowsy

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