Monday, August 13, 2012

More Football

I'm pretty sure I'll be done talking about football in the near future but today has pretty much been football dominated.

Right now the Cowboys vs Raiders is on TV and I have been knee deep in my Strat draft pretty much all day (even though very few picks have been made) so my mind is 100% tuned-in to football.

So, let me get to my bitch right now.  The game is being watered down by instantly reviewing everything at every opportunity, and they are still fucking it up.
Case in point - Raiders first drive and Carson Palmer throws an interception which is returned to the 37 yard line or whatever.  They go to commercial while the play is being reviewed (because EVERY single turnover is going to be reviewed this year) and when they come back we get to see some other angles and hear the decision.
The Decision? The play stands.
However, during the replays it clearly shows that while he was making the interception and going to the ground the Raider receiver CLEARLY touched him, which should be down by contact near the 5 yard line.  But, I guess that part of the replay got ignored.
If you are reviewing the turnover you should also review how the turnover finished.  I'm not talking looking for penalties or anything but placement of the ball should count for something.
I know that these are replacement officials but the guys up in the replay booth are the same as last year (which was made public by the announcers) and they should be giving some sort of guidance.

Here is the confession - pre-season football bores me.  I genuinely hate it.  I love football once it hits the regular season and post season and can watch pretty much every game every week if I had the ability and opportunity, but pre-season just bores the shit out of me.  Position battles, back ups, guys who's names I'll learn long enough to last until the pre-season is over only to be regulated to the practice squad somewhere and hopefully given another shot the next year while competing against all the newly drafted rookie future stud muffins.  It's pretty much the same reason why I don't follow college football, just too many new names to learn every year since the change is constant with most players being on a 3 or 4 year rotation at most before becoming professional football players, doctors, lawyers or crack addicts.

In fact, the game is still on but I stopped paying attention after the play I referenced above.  I started doing other things like searching Youtube for Isaac Hay's "Chocolate Salty Balls" and the scene where Cartman gets offered to fuck an Asian lady.
I'm like a puppy, easily distracted.
So, two pictures of puppies before I hit publish.


  1. I like all the puppies, but especially like the ones in the middle shot.

  2. Assuming you put the last one in because if a certain little ruby that captured your heart?

    1. Even looks like it has the same white chest hair.... just not that awful white beard thing going on now!

    2. It's not awful! He's getting older. Getting grey like yourself.

    3. Remember how cite he was that small? Awww. Couldn't even walk sue to the mass of his dome!

    4. I remember - still have the pics/videos

  3. Wow the Cowboys and Raiders looked awful last night. Looks like the AFC West will be free for the taking if San Diego, KC, or Denver decide to play an entire season and Dallas is staring another .500 or lower record in the face.

    I hate those automatic reviews of every turnover and scoring play. I really wish the NFL would do it more like the NCAA. Give the coaches one or two challenges to use if they really need it, but have the reviews requested and executed in the booth. It's freaking retarded to have the official leave the field to go under that stupid hood and decide if their own call was right or wrong.

    1. Well, the good news is you can't damn a team because of the first pre-season game.
      Didn't Detroit go 4-0 the year they went 0-16?
      Some teams take longer to gel than others.

      From the little that I watched on and off of the game last night though everything looked pretty bad.
      Even Janikowski was missing chip shots (for him).

      I'm getting all giddy inside with each passing day that the real season gets closer.

  4. Not a of pre-season but it IS football and therefore I.must watch it. Those are the rules.

    One of my teams in the Skins and for the first time in many years, there is a reason to watch them: RG III. With his talent, they will spend the season losing in new and exciting ways, but there is hope for the future.

    The Stillers look good but that new O coordinator might not mesh with Ben. And it is time for the Ravens to step up finally.

    It could be a long season but I'll watch it until must eyes bleed.


    1. I suffer through the pre-season and the games are always on.
      There is much reason for many teams to be excited this time around, RG3 and Luck are going to get lots of attention.

      I can't wait till the regular season starts up, I can't wait until I have Direct TV hooked up. I can't wait until I get a urinal installed right in front of my TV....

  5. Panting puppies -- I like, I like ...

  6. I love a woman with a nice pair of puppies.