Thursday, August 16, 2012

Never go above and beyond.

The past two days have been spent doing nothing but going to meetings.  Yesterday was a "surprise" meeting as I got a call at around 8pm the night before from my store manager saying "hey, xxx can't make it so I need you to change your plans tomorrow and go to xxx meeting."  So, I did.
Then today was a planned meeting which took up the majority of my shift.  It's almost like having an additional two days off.

I work Friday and Monday and have another 6+ hour meeting on Tuesday that is all about the future of our company, the direction we are going in and how we are going to achieve it.  Fun shit right?
However, on Monday I received an email stating I had to attend the meeting and that on Tuesday I'd get a link to some "pre work" training that needed to be completed before going to the meeting.  By the end of my shift Tuesday I never received said link so I sent the store manager an email stating such.
Wednesday while I was at my meeting I got an email response from the store manager restating that there was a meeting this coming Tuesday and a link to a web page which said the exact same thing and at the bottom said "Tuesday you will be receiving another email with a link to pre work training....."

So, Today I spent some time talking to the store manager and asking about the pre-work which she insisted she sent the link out for . Finally another manager also joined in saying that he never received it either.  So, after leading her through the succession of communications that we had gone through I made her realize that she didn't do what she thought she did.  20 minutes after that she finally found the link she was looking for and sent it out to everyone.

Tomorrow now becomes a busy day.  I've got to do all my pre-work training, I've got to compose an email summary talking about the Wednesday meeting, what I got out of it and how I'm going to proceed with the information.  I also have to compose an email to management about the training that occurred today and what I got out of all of it.  What is going to change and how it's going to change and how I'm going to present it to store management on down.  Create an action plan and yadda yadda yadda.

Oh the joy's of being "special."

The lesson - never go above and beyond - recognition only leads to getting handed more responsibility. :)


  1. You had me hooked after reading the title... ;)

  2. I just want to retire and play golf & poker every day.

  3. So you spend 3 days in meetings....How much work got done to make the company money in those 3 days?

    Sounds like a plan to me.