Friday, August 31, 2012

I need to learn to shut up sometimes

The thing is that no matter how much I bitch and moan about things that I don't like and what is wrong at work, I really do want it to be the best place there is to go to.  I like what I do (most of the time) and that's why I have been there for so long.  I just get old, jaded and bitter because I really expect other people who are currently making a career of working with me to respect their job, their peers and the customers and to do the best they possibly can.  I know this doesn't happen, people are lazy and don't give a shit but I still expect it.
When it doesn't happen it annoys the piss out of me. This is how you are supporting your family and you are telling me that you're not willing to put forth the effort to do a good job?  I don't get it and I never will - so when I'm bitter and cranky and bitching about work it's usually because someone just doesn't care about their job as much as I think they should.

The following is one of the reasons why I'm thankful that I'm not a salaried employee.
This week I showed up the past 6 days.  One of those days was short, but it was still going to work 6 days none-the-less.  My big mouth volunteered myself to come in for a couple of hours on each of Saturday and Sunday (my scheduled days off this week) to do some extra work and then just cut those hours by leaving early a couple of days during the week.  The leaving early part sounds great because my shifts are all 11-8's this coming week.  If I put in two hours each on Saturday and Sunday then I'll have 4 days where I can cut an hour and leave at 7, or two days where I'll cut two hours and leave at 5 (only working a 6 hour shift means not having to take a lunch).
My next day off will then be 2 Sunday's from now which means I will have come into work every day for 14 straight days.  If I were salaried I would do stuff like this much more often.  I don't like cutting hours during the week because there is so much work to get done.  Working over one day to make sure everything gets done just means that another day later in the week the work is going to suffer and I'm going to have to rely on someone else to pick up the slack and I don't particularly like that much.
Whatever, tis life and I'll have to deal with it.  As I said, glad I'm not salary or I'd be putting in 50-60 hour weeks regularly most likely.

This coming Monday we have two new members of upper management starting which means two new people to break in.  I'm not 100% looking forward to that because I've grown comfortable with the crew I've had and I know my limits.  New people means that there will be a feeling out phase where I'm not sure exactly how they will react to what I do and how I handle situations, so this will be some fun times I suppose.  I don't feel that there should be any issues but one really never knows.

I'm hoping to have something fun and exciting to write about after tomorrow.  I have plans to head out and booze it up while watching some local comedians with a friend.  However, now that said friends car has caught on fire she might not be up to going out for the evening and I might have to pull a George Thorogood and ....

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