Sunday, August 12, 2012

Yeah - It's That Time Again!

I really don't understand how I even exist during football's off season. It must be sheer willpower to get myself through the horrible boring months in order to get back to what I love most about life, my penis football!

My Strat-O-Matic draft officially kicks off tomorrow morning but if the guy with the #1 decides to pick today he can get the ball moving.  I currently sit with the #7 pick in the draft but I'm 98% positive that pick will be traded before the 1st pick even gets taken.  In fact, after the 1st pick gets taken I've got another trade lined up as well.  I'm looking forward to announcing them because both trades will improve the value of my team quite a bit.

In preparation for my draft (which I have not prepared for much other than what I'm doing today) I've got about 4 spreadsheets open that I'm editing and moving things around in.  I've got a spreadsheet with how my team currently looks and I've got one with how I think it might look if things fall into place.  I've also got a list of players I want to take and players I'm willing to take.
Coming into this draft my Offensive Line resembles the Pittsburgh Steelers - full of holes, but sadly I have no Pouncey to try and hold it all together.  I've gotta sure that up a bit but I just can't seem to find a place where I'm willing to draft what is available.
My defensive line is, right now, Really Awful.  Like Shitty Titty Gang Bang bad.  I've got one player who has good pass rush but can't run stop worth anything and that's it.  I need to draft a Starting Defensive End and a nose tackle.
My linebackers are looking better as I've got two Middle Linebackers who are good against the pass and run but I have ZERO outside linebackers.  My Defensive Backs will be ok.

All this was typed earlier and instead of hitting delete I'm just going to hit submit.  The draft has kicked off officially as the 1st pick was made.  I don't have a pick until the end of the 1st round but I'm looking forward to see what is available.

Good night and good blah

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