Friday, August 03, 2012


I appear to have overbooked myself for the next few days.  For those of you who know me I never make plans.  I hate making plans. I prefer to just kind of go with the flow and if something comes up then all is cool, and if nothing comes up it'll give me time to catch up with Torchwood or Boardwalk Empire or something.
The de-facto number one reason why I hate to make plans or agree to things is because of situations like this very weekend.

Tonight after work I'm heading out to First Friday for Funnel Cakes.  I don't know what First Friday is but once I heard Funnel Cakes I was sold.  I've been talking about Funnel Cakes (and they are so important that they DO get capitalized) for the entire week. I have made others excited to the point that they have called me after getting out of work and asking me where the Funnel Cakes are.  Yes, the fat boy is going to feast.

After my Funnel Cake adventures (and hoping it consists of a litle bit of beer, oh please tell me there will be beer) and I've said my goodnights to these friends I'm probably heading out to meet Melissa and Alex again for another night of debauchery.  The good news is that this will be late (if I can stay awake to go out that is) and as such the ladies will have already had a few hours of drinking on me.  They are hitting up a couple of places that I really want to go but suspect that they'll just be at some random club by the time I'm available.  Not going to give away names because I don't want y'all to be disappointed when I can't report about getting drunk somewhere cool.

Saturday I've evidentally got about eighteeen things that I'm supposed to be doing and I feel bad for blowing pretty much everyone off.  I somehow managed to get invited to a home poker game and I hope that they don't hate me for backing out of the first game I am supposed to attend.  I didn't realize that it also happened to fall on the same day as some other things.
I've got a drinking engagement that I might be attending (however, it's going to depend on how late other things run, how drunk I get tonight, how late I'm up tonight and how much of a constitution I have).

However, my main plans center around a birthday party and two of my favorit people.  We will probably be hitting up a breakfast some place I have never eaten and I'm really looking forward to that. We've got plans to go out and have some fun as well before the whole "gift giving" experience.  And who knows, maybe if things work out a dinner.
It's sort of a "lets just see what happens" type of plan but I'm sure a good time will be had by all. 

Sunday currently appears to be a day of rest.  Don't go out. Don't drink.  Don't wake up early or stay out late.  Just chill out and watch some movies or TV shows and relax because come Monday it's time to get back to the whole grind of the job.

I need to take my lunch but I don't want to eat anything so that I can save some room for the Funnel Cake.  I hope they have a "drench it in strawberry and powdered sugar" option because this fat kid wants to pig out.

I hope all of your weekends are eventful and there is enough enjoyment to go around.
I hope that I get some fun stories to share next time I get to sit in front of a keyboard!

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  1. I get to socialize with people (I was told) that I probably won't like. Sounds like a fun Saturday to me. Have fun this weekend. :o)