Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'll Parlay that for Two Dollars

Now I ain't back just for the sake of saying I'm back, I've got a couple of things to post about in the upcoming week and as long as I don't overbook my time like I have been lately I darn well plan on getting them posted up here on this ole blog o'mine!

Last night I went out and hung out with Coach for about 4 hours talking about sports betting and all that other jazz.  I don't know if I have mentioned it here or not (I know I have said it on his blog in a comment or two) but I have never, not even once, placed even a single sports bet in my life.  So, this football season is going to be an interesting one for me as I plan on busting that cherry.  I mean, I am living in Las Vegas, Home to 2100 sports books and casino's.
I do believe I will be sticking strictly to the Pro games because I don't know enough about college to even begin to make sense of that mess.  Teams favored by 37 points? That's absurd to me.

I'm holding off on any preseason games because those are too much of a gamble but I'm really looking forward to week 1.  After looking over Coach's sheet for the week one games there were some things that really stood out to me and I really wish I had been there at the time those lines were printed.  A few of them I fully expect to have changed by now to correct some obvious (to me) good picks.  Of course, I'm a rank amateur talking out of his ass currently but I just don't see how Arizona could be favored over Seattle for the week 1 game.

Coach tells me that the Riviera has $2 parlay cards where you can pick up to 10 teams for a "get damned lucky" big payout and I think I'll be playing a few of those every week for the thrill of it.

I've got a lot of work to put into this so that I go in with good knowledge and am not like the countless masses who pretty much just all bet by gut and end up donating their money to the books week after week.

It's going to be a fun football season!

Speaking of which, we are in full swing of week 3 of the pre-season and the Steelers play tonight.  Looking forward to watching the starters there. Also looking forward to watching more Andrew Luck earlier in the day as he goes up against the RG3 led Skins.

Staying on the football conversation but switching to a slightly different fantasy - Strat:
The draft is starting to wind down and everyone is now searching for those diamonds in the ruff that are 0's or at least low rated guys this year who will blow up and become tomorrows studs.  I've picked up some players that I really like and hope they develop.
I made a trade for Jason Worilds, the Steelers OLB who is in line to replace Harrison as his career winds down. I tried to snatch up Chris Carter as well but my buddy got him earlier in the round where I was going to grab him.
I grabbed McClendon from the Steelers as well since he is inline to be the starter this year at DNT.
My roster is very RB heavy right now as I'm looking for someone to develop into the stud I need them to be.  Last year I was good with my RB's but this year I see a lot of potential.
The worst guy that I have is Moreno. He is limited but his card is too good to not keep.  He could be a real playoff difference maker if I can fight my way into the playoffs this year.
I've also got Lance Ball from Denver as I see McGahee not being able to replicate last years numbers and needing more help.  I picked up Ronnie Brown because Matthews is hurt.  Brown is not a long term solution but I'm hoping that he gets some good quality starts at the beginning of the year and puts up some good yards in the potentially explosive Chargers Offense.
My starter and main guy is C.J. Spiller who I expect big things out of this year as he continues to develop into the stud that I think he is, and then I have Blount from Tampa who I hope continues to put up 4+ yards per carry while splitting carries with the rookie Martin.
Lastly I have a guy who I really expect big things from. Rashard Jennings.  This has been a really good pre-season for him with the whole MJD hold out and he is a big part of the reason why the Jags feel good telling MJD to go take a flying fuck if he thinks they are going to cave into his demands for a big contract as he enters the iffy zone for RB's.  Sure MJD has a couple good years left in him but with RB's no one knows when those wheels will finally fall off and he'll look pedestrian like Turner in Atlanta did last year.  Jennings however is a young stud who is impressing everyone and proving that he is the future of the team along with the other young guys like Gabbert.  So, MJD, keep holding out and let my boy blossom because your hold out is the whole reason why Jennings is going to get his shot and hopefully he's too good to have them even care about you!


  1. grrouchie do you bet on the ponies? Place betting is the way to make money consistently on the ponies. You can also parlay your bets for some nice paydays, just do not let greed get in the way.

    1. Have never placed any wager at all.
      I know nothing about the ponies to be able to bet on them.

      I'm starting my addiction slowly with just football. With the extreme profit that I'll be seeing this year I'll then turn to other endeavors.

  2. I'm pretty sure that if I post about Seattle vs. Arizona also, the wiseguys will catch on and have the Seahawks favored by 10 by kickoff... ;)

    1. I'm but a rank amateur and you are a Rich and Famous professional.
      Thus I can post about anything and nothing in the universe changes.
      One word from you and a 10 point swing occurs sir.
      You have the power.

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