Sunday, March 31, 2013

A 10 Month Countdown

So it is written so let it begin.
10 months.

This is the amount of time that I have, give or take a few days.

In 10 months my BFFF will be out in Vegas with his woman and they will be doing the whole "eternal bonding at the Elvis Chapel of Love" thing.
Me?  I'm just the best man.

A few years back I did the whole best man thing and quite enjoyed it.  Had plenty of time to plan my roast best man speech and then at the last minute decided to just wing it anyways.  All that planning for naught.
The problem was that after the laughter died down and everything was over there was photographic proof that I'm a big fat ass.
Pictures don't lie (unless their photoshopped, but even then there is still some truth to them).

I'm the two guys on the left
So, this time I want pictures that I can look back on over time and be proud of.  I want something that I can show to others and say "See, I do look good when I dress up" instead of "see, I'm just the fat guy of the group."

So, Next January is when everything is going down and I've got until then to get my ish together and slim down considerably.  I've done a good job over the last year of losing weight and want to continue that trend. But, I have a goal and I have a time frame.

Come January my goal is to be 180 pounds.
I'll accept anything under 200 but 180 is what I'm going to push myself towards.
My last couple years of High School and first year or so of College were right around the 180 mark.
I'm certain I can get there again with the proper diet and exercise and support from all 3 of my friends.


  1. Awesome! Good luck! 180 is right around my weight, until I finish eating all of this Easter apple cobbler, at least.

    1. Yesterday I chowed down.
      Today, Back to the regimen

  2. Only time I ever had a suit with that kind of a cut, it was issued by Uncle Sam. All my buttons were gold. Eat your heart out.

    1. Hearts have too many calories,
      I'll stick to Ribs

  3. I found that losing a reasonable amount of weight was doable, but there came a certain point where going beyond that became difficult. After seeing my weight go back up a bit, I now have it on the downswing again. It will be interesting to see what it takes to go below my most recent low plateau.

    You have been working pretty hard at this and have enjoyed success. Best o' luck in seeing it continue.

    1. In all honesty I haven't reached that "difficult" stage yet because I haven't even started to add in exercise (well, today I started finally).

      Getting some exercise even 3 days a week is going to jump start my metabolism and get the weight loss going again.
      I'm also going to add in more fruits and veggies as my snacks

  4. Reading the caption "I'm the two guys on the left" almost made me spit out my soup...

  5. And I knew that "three friend" thing would catch on... ;)

    1. All my humor is self deprecating - I didn't steal nothing I swear :)