Sunday, August 18, 2013

Data Skewed

So since I'm an idiot and didn't save my database on my last phone I am forced to start a new one.
The only thing that annoys me is that I really wanted to see how long all my rungood keeps up and what my rate during this time period ends up being.
I ran horribly bad for so long that I almost quit playing altogether and only went out when there were blogging poker buddies visiting.  I really forgot what it feels like to have continued success and I don't ever want to lose this feeling.

Since I saved up the $200 to start playing again last month my hourly rate was running well over $40/hour.  I played numerous sessions and I believe only had two of them as losing sessions.
But, that is all in the past.  I no longer have access to that information and going forward I can only deal with and talk about the information that I do have (and also make better choices so that I never lose it again).

The good news is that 12 hours into my new database I'm running at over $90/hour.
I know.
Sample Size.
Whatever.  I gave myself $200 to start playing with and here I sit a month later with over $2,000 again and am on my way to actually having a real bankroll.
My ultimate goal is to Hit the Bad Beat no.... that's a fantasy.
My ultimate goal is to have a real bankroll by the time  my wedding rolls around in April.
I know that going into this relationship with my love and desire for poker, while accepted is not understood.
So, my plan is to show my database, my history and point out what I can expect as my hourly rate over the course of the long term so that she can see how seriously I take this.

I know that with starting a family comes extra responsibilities and it's going to severely cut into my playing time but I am going to see what I can do to budget even if it's only a session per week.

I've got a lot of free time until April so I will have my entire plan drawn up (and most likely posted on this here blog ya see).
It will include money that stays in the bankroll, money that goes towards other things.  What kind of percentages to go what and what my goals are towards growing the bankroll and all that other happy horse shit.

So, in the near future you all see a rough draft of my "poker plan" and hopefully can give advice.
Especially all y'all married folks with kids.  How do you get your time in around the wife and children and how does the wife cope with your green felted mistress?

Anyways - the last two sessions that I played I ran like a Minor Deity made me their tool and most of the money flowed my way.
I have, however, severely cut into my sleep time.  last night was less than 3.5 hours and somehow I'm still awake and kicking.

Good Night World

P.S. - with no work today (and ending my evening with booze) I only ended up getting in under 6,000 steps which is about 10,000 steps less than I did yesterday.
Yesterday I did the elliptical for 45 minutes and today my calves are KILLING me.
Tomorrow I wake up early to hit the gym and then meet the family for a breakfast filled with pancakes before heading to work.


  1. hey man long time no hear. How have you been?

    1. Getting Married
      Getting in shape
      getting ready for a family
      Getting my ass in gear to go have breakfast with the family.
      Getting my ass mentally geared to go into work for the day.

      How is life treating you now that you don't detail it for the whole world to see heh!??

      Hope everything has been working out well.

  2. Keep those Ballys chips ready for when I am in town. My sockroll could use a nice bulge (that didn't come out right!).