Friday, August 16, 2013

Poker after Dark

So I did something unbelievably stupid, I upgraded my phone.
That's not the dumb part yet.

I upgraded and then spent an entire evening re-downloading apps that I commonly use and trying to adjust my settings so that I can get the phone to work how I want it to work.  Trying to regain some of my old comfort level that I had with my last phone and the one before that.
I always feel a bit weird using a new phone at first because of the changes but this one is compounded because I have only ever had a Motorola Droid series since I joined the Smart Phone Revolution.  This new phone is a Samsung so while they use the same operating system they both have different GUI's on top of them and their own nuances.

I did not come to talk about that.

My old phone, Droid Bionic, was then given to my fiance because her phone has terrible battery life and dies within 4 hours of little to no use.  My Bionic with extended battery easily lasts 10 hours with good usage and I have two back-up extended batteries just in case the phone ever decides to run out of juice.  So I reset the phone to factory defaults and put in her SIM card and memory card and now she has a working phone that actually lasts her all day long.
Life is good.

Last night I went to Bally's after work for a poker session.  On the walk to the room I realized I had to re-download and install my poker tracking app.  This is when it hit me that I lost all my data.  No backup, no save to the cloud. It was all sitting on my phone, waiting to be looked at an analyzed.

So, it is now that I begin anew, again.  I hate starting a new database with fresh results because it doesn't show me long term averages or anything.
Remind me to find a good online database program for Poker so that I can take my results and put them there as well.
I'm a bad poker player.

Either way, I sat down and started my session which started out typical for me - horrible.
The guy on my right was magnetic and all of my chips were made of some weird metal alloy that was attracted to the magnet.
We got involved in a hand where he limped and then called an additional $15 from me.  We get a couple bets in as the streets go on and in the end I table my hand of QQ thinking I won.
He flips over his KT to show me the draws that he missed but gets a shocked expression when the dealer tells him he won with a straight on a board of 789Jx.
"Oh wow, I didn't even realize I had that, just wanted to show you my hand."

A little bit later we get involved in a big pot where I call his raise pre-flop and we get all in on an Ace high board.
The turn is a Jack and the River is a Ten (river pairs the board).
I flip over AK and he looks at my hand and says "Oh wow, the river gave you two higher pair" as he tables his Ace Jack (for top 2) and looks shocked again when the dealer points out that a pair of jacks are bigger than a pair of tens.
Bastard left after I was there for about 2 hours with approx $700 and most of it won in hands similar to the above.

I re-bought, of course, and started trying to grind my way back to even.
I fluctuated all evening long and didn't get paid off on any monsters that I had.  At one point I flopped a set against a pre-flop raise and couldn't get action.
I flopped Quads with a PFR and got no action.
I hit another set and got noting.

I did manage to hit a few straights and flushes when I raised with hands like 85s that got me some payoff.
I'm about to wrap things up with a stack of $286 and I'm pretty happy to be down only $114.
I'm UTG+1 and get dealt 33.
UTG makes it $15 to go and I think to myself that I'm willing to leave if I don't hit and still be happy with the evening overall and thus I call (he has me covered).
Another guy calls and I hear the dealer say "3 to the flop."
I think in my head.  33, 3 to the flop, 3 red chips, this is destiny.

Flop comes out 389 and I shout bingo.
More like whispered it.
More like yawned it, I'm F'n tired at 5 am when I've been up all day.

PFR bets $20 and because it's a rainbow board I call and so does the other guy.
Turn is a 6 and the PFR checks it to me.
I think for a minute or two and bet out $75.
Next to act thinks and finally folds.
PFR sits debating his action.  After a couple of minutes he asks me how much I have left and I count down $176 for him.  He eventually calls.

River is a 7 - There is no flush and the board now reads 36789.
PFR thinks for about 2 minutes and then announces all in after looking at the board the chips and my chips, trying to analyze me for any tells as I'm bs'ing with the dealer.

I think about the hand, the betting.  I think about other times he has raise pre and the amounts.  He's done $15 2 or 3 times now and he's done a few $7 and a few $12's as well.
Every $15 was either KK or AA.
This has to be a big pair.  I haven't seen him make this raise with a low pair.  I can't put him on 55 or TT though I suppose it's possibly.
I hated his line.  Bet less than half pot then check call 2/3rds pot.
Too much thinking and diliberation.
I felt like he had a big pair and I made the call.
"You called me?"
He tables KK and my 33 takes down a monster pot.
I go from being down to leaving up $190.
This was $10 less than I lost my last trip to the casino and as such my bankroll hasn't virtually changed.
I'm sitting with about $1000 profit and $1200 in my roll counting the $200 I initially took out of the bank to start playing again.

Also - this happened.
Guy got carted out by like 12 people and a Gurney


  1. good job. sick with the 3s vs cowboys but a win is a win.

    1. I think that a year ago I would have found a fold there but I've actually been trying to work on my game some instead of just playing like I'm a tourist every time I hit the poker room...

      Every win is a good win haha

  2. I imagine that Rob will have something to say about that last hand.

    1. I should have used his favorite tag on this post :)

  3. How the F did you tell the story without telling your readers that you took all that money from ME. Seriously, when I read that he had the dreaded pocket Kings, I just assumed that it was me and that I had already erased the memory from my mind in order to erase the pain.

    Good going taking down the Kings when it was someone NOT me who had them!

    The guy on the floor, any idea what his problem was? Sounded like another recent post of mine!

    1. Everyone assumed that the guy was just really F'n Drunk.
      After he was gone the Floor said that he thinks it was just someone who needed someplace nice to sleep for the evening and did what he did....

      Like an older version of TBC....

      But, I don't actually know - it's all speculation.
      I saw him staggering around and having trouble standing. Dude was probably just piss drunk and had to have his stomach pumped a bit later is my best guess.

  4. Hey grr

    Can't wait to get back to vegas. One week.
    In my local room, that river bet is always a fold. One forgets how poorly hands are played at the 1-2 tables. Yeah, I hate his line, too.


    1. I think this is probably a fold a majority of the time as well, but I called because I just couldn't put him on the hands that beat me (though I admit it is possible for him to have those hands there sometimes).
      I'd like to play with him more to see if the $15 raise is always a big pair or if he varies it as that was one of the things that led me to the call....
      Maybe I got lucky, who knows.
      Either way - a win is a win