Friday, August 02, 2013


Life has been good for me recently and August is going to be another great month.

Ideally I'd like to start hitting the gym a bit more than I have recently but for the last few days I've had my arthritis in my left hip acting up and really just haven't felt like doing cardio with that agitation.  So, hopefully it's gone in a few days.

After reaching a low of 222 pounds about what feels like 6 months ago I have been hovering around 225 for the past month.  I'm going to make efforts to get myself under 220 before the month ends.  This should not be an issue.

I let the fiance know that I wanted to start getting back into playing poker a little more regularly and said that ideally I'd like to get in somewhere between 20 and 40 hours per month.
She about flipped her lid and thought I was f'n crazy.
Come to find out she thought I said up to 40 hours per week and she was wondering where the hell I was going to find time for work.  Good Time!
She is cool with my range on a monthly basis though.
If things go well I'd like to be at a $2,000 bankroll by the end of the month giving myself 10 buy-ins.  I just have to keep running well and playing well.

I will beat this game this month, I will beat this game this month, I will beat this game this month.
If I say it enough it will happen.
I hate the fact that as I'm gaining responsibilities I now have less time for everything that I love.  Getting older sucks that way but whatever.
I'm going to go through my games this month as well and separate the ones that I plan on playing in the near future and the ones I have absolutely no intention of playing.  This will help me to organize what I have and to help keep me more focused with what little playing time I do have.
I also want to work on a system where I cannot buy a new game coming out no matter how much I want it until I beat another game that I already have.
This puts the pressure on me this month because Diablo 3 is coming out in September for the PS3/360 and I've already pre-ordered my copy to co-op with a buddy back in PA.

In one final piece I put in for another Dept Manager job in my own store.  This would put me over Appliances/Cabinets/Flooring/Paint/Home-Decor.
However I'm thinking about just taking myself out of the running and sticking where I am because I finally have both departments staffed (or going to be in the next two weeks) and my manager has been talking to me about working out a schedule where I'm almost never scheduled coverage.
This would leave me time to float around to all my areas and act like a manager which should in turn help my development to be able to move up to the next pay-grade!
I'll know more after we talk about it today though.
For now - time to go kill some things!  Deadpool calls.


  1. Best o' luck in getting the sockroll to head in the right direction.

    Oh btw -- get TBC a job, you false friend!

    1. Yeah - Let me work on both of those right away.

      He said he'd like something easy like running a cash register where he doesn't have to deal with people often.
      Sounds like a contradiction, but if that's what he wants....

  2. "But I won over $700.00 IN ONE NIGHT, and I can't play once a week?!"

    1. Yeah - I can't make that kind of scratch daily at my job.... I need to quit and take up Poker Full Time!