Saturday, August 24, 2013

Red Rock Excursion

Today after work we took a family outing to the Red Rock Canyon for fun and games among the rocks.
My boy and I climbed all over the place (he did much more than I) while the wifey decided that her fear of heights would keep her back in a more observatory role.

Did over 18k steps today and over 8 miles (both personal bests) and started the day at my lowest weight yet - a flat 219 pounds.

Some pics so y'all can live vicariously through me.

He is a really tiny spec at the top of this rock!

Can you spot my 8 year old?

Bubble Gum Rock - There was a lot more than this sample shows



  1. Nice pics. If you have time, try Valley of Fire State Park. Your boy will love it, too.

    1. That's a place I've wanted to go but just never have yet.
      Might put it on the list for next year, during spring break or something.
      I want to plan a trip with him for after my honeymoon so that he feels special and involved because he's already a little cranky about not being able to go to Hawaii with us heh.