Monday, August 26, 2013

Smaller and Smaller and Smaller

So after the last round of new shirts that was bought and countless people telling me that what I bought was still too big for me (I'm bad at this) I ended up making a trip to the store today for a few more shirts.

Er.  Well, first I woke up and walked 1.25 miles this morning.  Then after a nice shower I met my lady and child so that we could take him to his first day of school.
He was pretty excited to be heading back to school...well... until he saw the actual school come into view and then he admitted he was a bit nervous.
I have no fears this year is going to be much better for him and he is going to do great.
Can't wait to hear him report back what happened today (and tomorrow since I won't be seeing him until tomorrow).

After that I went and bought some shirts.

Even though they have shrunk I still have some man boobs that annoy me and I've got a gut and this is why I've always worse clothes that are too big for me.
But, this is a new me and new attitude and I'm giving this "wearing clothes that fit" thing a try.


  1. That sounds like more motivation. I hear you on the bigger shirt thing. I like to try to cover up my belly too. 10 more pounds might take care of some of that.

    1. I received a few compliments today on one of my new, not really the shirt but how good I was looking in it.

      Times like this that it hits me that people are taking notice and that helps with the motivation.
      Though I'd still rather just slip on my XXXL shirt and go around unnoticed at times.

  2. This comment will be worthy of my blog... :P When I glanced up and saw that initial photo (in profile), I thought, "Walter White" (Breaking Bad). Have you been getting any of that yet? :)

    1. If I can find a Heisenberg hat I'll totally try to have an entire outfit to dress up like him once in a while.

      Love that show

  3. Congrats on the great work in losing weight. It is one of those things where success motivates you to get more success.

  4. Pretty damn impressive!!!! Keep it up!!