Monday, September 08, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 1 Results

So the results are out for week one of the Fame or Shame Pick'em contest and lets just say that there are 9 idiots out there who decided to pick losers and start week 2 in the hole.  Now, this could be a creative way for people to make a dramatic come from behind victory but I'm really doubting that anyone bothered to put that much thought into it.

Five Brilliant people took the Eagles and earned themselves 27 points.
Serge, Craig O, Sergio, Joe G, and Bill R.

Five slightly less intillegent people took the 49ers and earned 21 points (and much like the 9ers they just can't quite get first place).
Nick G, Carnell, Jason D, Randy and Jason R.

Two average people went with the "Denver has a good Offense" strategy and earned 17 points.
Tony V and Craig T

Two people probably think this is a regular survival contest and picked the Steelers for 3 points.
Mike T and my Old Man!!!

Now to the real idiots

Bears lovers out there, you got stuck for 3.
Bosko, Stephanie O, Rob L and Claudia

One idiot picked the Cowboys even know they were 100% guaranteed to lose

Four people think that Tom Brady can win any game all by himself and suffered with Negative 13 points
Spank, Jake, Steph T, and Bill M

As of this writing the best team to pick was the Vikings which would have earned you 1st place and 38 points - but Y'all too stupid to make that play.

Current Standings
Serge 27
Craig O 27
Sergio 27
Bill R 27
Joe G 27

Nick G 21
Carnell 21
Jason D 21
Jason R 21
Randy 21

Tony V 17
Craig T 17

Mike T 3
Old Man 3

Bosko -3
Stephanie O -3
Rob L -3
Claudia -3

Mauri -11

Spank -13
Jake -13
Steph T -13
Bill M -13

Get those next bunch of picks in ASAP.  Weds night if picking the Thursday game and Saturday Night if picking anything Sunday or Later.

Misc Stats

Biggest Scores
Vikings 1

Most picked Teams
Eagles 5
49ers 5
Bears 4
Patriots 4
Steelers 2
Broncos 2
Cowboys 1

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