Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 4

Looks like this weeks big pick was the Chargers over the Jags.  With Henne out with Bortles come in and make people pay for that pick by putting points on the board or will the Chargers dominate?

Colts61 Serge
Chargers61 Craig O
Steelers61 Sergio
Chargers61 Bill R
Chargers55 Craig T
Falcons55 Jason R
Colts41 Jake
Steelers47 Old Man
Chargers36 Joe G
Colts36 Randy
Chargers34 Nick G
Chargers31 Stephanie
Saints31 Rob L
Cardinals12 Jason D
Falcons21 Spank
Chargers21 Mike T
Steelers9 Mauri
Atlanta9 Bosko
Dolphins(3)Tony V
Steelers(8)Bill M
Colts(9)Steph T

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