Saturday, September 06, 2014

Week 1 NFL Season

So now that I"m undefeated in my NFL Picks for the season I'd like to just take a bow and end it.
Er, I mean here is the rest of my week 1 picks - lets see how good or bad I'll be over the course of the full year.

Saints over Falcons
Vikings over Rams
Steelers over Browns
Eagles over Jags
Raiders over Jets (I really just want the Jets to lose - I feel like this is a bad pick though).
Bengals over Ravens
Bears over Bills
Redskins over Texans
Chiefs over Titans
Pats over Phins
Panthers over Bucs
9ers over Cowgirls
Bronco's over Colts
Lions over Giants
Cardinals over Chargers - though this game will be 100% Rivers Dependent.

As for my actual sports bets?
I ended up doing two different Parlay cards - a 5 Team one at a Station and a 6 team one at Aliante.
I should probably stick to 3 team ones and go for the most sure bets of all of them to build my roll but I'm giving myself $20 per week so I felt like doing more the first week.

Saints -2.5
Vikings +4
Bears -7
Patriots -5
Panthers +2
49ers -5

Steelers -6.5
Eagles -10.5
Bears -6.5
Chiefs -3.5
Pats -4.5

Let's see how this experiment goes.


  1. Everything seems so clear before the season starts. I hope chaos ensues today (except for the Bears).