Sunday, September 28, 2014

NFL Week 4 Picks

Before I list my picks for the week I want to apologize to the Giants for doubting them and to the Redskins for thinking they would actually be competitive.
Ouch, not only do I start the week with a loss but my first parlay card of the week gets completely ruined as well.

As I start this Sunday I do have 4 Parlay cards that are active and waiting for me to cash in.
I have two 4 teams, a 6 team, a 7 team and a 12 team (Can still win if I hit 11/12).

What I'm looking for today is
Colts -6.5
Lions -1.5
Steelers -7.5
Chargers -13.5
SD/Jax Over 44.5
Eagles +5.5
Falcons -3 and -2.5
Patriots -3.5
Packers -1.5
Bills +3.5
Ravens -3.5
Saints -3.5
Falcons -2.5

And for my NFL Picks?
Last week I went 11-5 after invoking a change and choosing the Cowboys over the Cardinals ONLY because Cokeboy was at the game.
I did receive some heat for being a Cowboy hater and only picking the Cardinals because I'm a Cowboy hater - however I believe the game and the results speak for themselves and I don't feel I was out of line by picking them to lose as it took a 4th quarter miracle for them to turn it around.

My Season to Date record now stands at 28-20.

This weeks picks?

Washington :(
Baltimore over Carolina
Green Bay over Chicago
Buffalo over Houston
Colts over Titans
Lions over Jets
Dolphins over Raiders
Steelers over Bucks
Chargers over Jags
Falcons over Vikings
Eagles over 9ers
Saints over Cowboys (is this my Cowboy Hate Tinted Glasses again?)
Patriots over Chiefs

I've also got 3 Fandual Leagues going this week and I play a Strat Game on Monday and Tuesday!
Football Football Football


  1. Dallas played the Rams in St. Louis, not the Cardinals last week. And it was a hell of a game to be at!! Coming back from down 21-0, matching the largest comeback in team history!! :-)

  2. Oh, and when I come out there, we'll have to sit down and discuss strategy and parlay cards before I leave. I typically make a few bets but rarely try the parlays. Perhaps between you and Coach I can learn something!!

    1. You might want to seek the advice of someone who actually wins some of their parlay cards :)

  3. Hey, hate all you want. I just figured it was in your blood since you were from Pittsburgh. I probably would have picked the Saints before last night, but I'm not angry I was wrong too. I didn't realize the Saints away record was 1-7 last season, so I suppose that maybe should have factored into the choice. Except that AT&T Stadium in Dallas is so huge and never sells out so they have no home field advantage. There are usually 20,000-30,000 of the visiting fans there every week.

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing what the real face of the Cowboys is this year.
      Is it what we saw last game? Or was that an anomaly?