Thursday, September 04, 2014

Parenting and Missing the Opening Game

So Today is the start of the NFL Season and at 6:30 the game is going to kick off and where will I be?
At my boy's soccer practice watching a bunch of pre-teens practice and try to get better at a sport they love instead of watching the one I love.

However, all is not lost as I do have a Verizon phone and it appears as though I can pay $5/month to stream Thursday Night, Sunday Night and Monday Night games plus whatever bullshit local games get played on Sundays (read Raiders and Cardinals mostly).

I had debated going with NFL Rewind so that I could watch the games after they happened but knowing myself I would probably not use it enough to make it worth whatever I paid for it.  So, $5 to watch the game tonight is reasonable to a baller like me.

This year I am setting aside some of those amazing poker winnings that I have had recently so that I can bet one parlay card every week through the season.  I figure $20 per week is reasonable enough that it won't make or break me.

I'm also going to copy Coach and put my predictions out there and keep track of what my record is every week to see how bad my prognostication abilities are.  I just used a big word on purpose, I feel like Punxsutawney Phil.

I'll get to the weekend picks in another post but I figure that I should at least put up tonight's pick so that everyone doesn't think I cheated just to get one right.

Greenbay vs Seattle
Seattle's Defense is going to be key here and it will not come down to a last second Hail Mary like a previous encounter.
Seattle will win but I am not predicting scores.

Either tomorrow or Saturday after work I will head to one of the 3 million local sports books out here and book my parlay card for the week - I don't know which one I'll go to but I really don't think it matters all that much (unless one of you convinces me otherwise).

grrouch out


  1. Watching your kids play and learn sports is way better than watching pro ball. Of course< if you can do both? BINGO!

    My son is playing football for the first time this year as a 2nd grader. The games are on Saturday morning so it should not affect me missing college ball at all, except for one out of town game that is close to a couple hours away.

    We don't have fall soccer here or he probably would have wanted to do that instead.

    Good luck on your parlay's. Hope you bink a few of em.

    1. Yeah, I hate soccer but I love watching him play.
      It's some of the most fun that I have in life

  2. +3 falcons,under bills/bears,niners-4 yw. would say -7.5 broncos but 4 team is pushing it

    1. I'm not confident the Bronc's will beat he Colts - Luck seems to turn in his best games against the best teams.
      Last year was a fine example

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