Sunday, September 14, 2014

NFL Week 2

In Week 1 I went  10 - 6 which is pretty respectable and a lot better than losing every single parlay card I had out there.
This week Lets hope for the better even though I started the week with a loss.

Steelers over Ravens
Miami over Buffalo
Detroit over Carolina
Cincy over Atlanta
Saints over Browns
Patriots over Vikings
Cardinals over Giants
Titans over Cowboys
Jaguars over Redskins
Seahawks over Chargers
Bucs over Rams
Broncos over Chiefs
Packers over Jets
Texans over Raiders
49ers over Bears
Eagles over Colts

As for my actual sports bets?
All of these are through Westgate where I hung out with Coach to watch the Thursday night game.

This week I made $22 worth of parlay bets.  Two with 3 teams, one with 4 teams, One with 5 teams and two with 11 teams.
The one 11 team has all the odds and spreads jacked up and I put $2 on that because if I lose the rest and win that I cover my bets for the week.

Current Sports Betting - ($15)