Thursday, September 18, 2014

NFL Week 3 Picks

Week 1  I went 10-6 and Week 2 I went 7-9 bringing my total for the year to:
17-15 - ugh.  I'm starting to look like the Steelers, mediocre!

So here are my picks for week 3

Falcons over the Bucs
Bills over the Chargers
Rams over Cowboys
Eagles over Redskins
Texans over Giants
Saints over Vikings
Bengals over Titans
Browns over Ravens
Packers over Lions
Colts over Jaguars
Patriots over Raiders
Cardinals over 49ers
Seahawks over Broncos
Dolphins over Chiefs
Panthers over Steelers
Bears over Jets

Lets see if this week is better than last week and I don't slip to a losing record.


  1. Romo is 3-1 lifetime against the Rams with a career 120 passer rating and the Rams defense isn't that great this year. They held the Bucs to 17, but we saw how awful the Bucs are last night against Atlanta. They gave up 34 to the Vikings and even Vikings fans don't expect their offense to put up 34. I think you let your Steelers fan hate for the Cowboys overtake your head on that pick.

    The only other pick I disagree with strongly is the Browns-Ravens. The rest are solid choices or pick 'em games.

    Who knows though...I've been wrong lots of times before.

    1. I actually have no bias towards the Cowboys other than the one Super Bowl game that Neil O'Donnell decided to enter into a secret agreement to throw away :)
      I didn't grow up when the Steelers and Boys had a heated rivalry and thus have no ill will, and my boy is a Cowboys fan.
      I only hate the Ravens and I think the Browns are cute and cuddly even tough they used to be the Evil Empire.
      I also hate Bubby Brister, but he can't cost me anything more since he has long since retired.

      I originally had the Cowboys down for winning and after having a talk with Nick (Cokeboy) I'm changing my pick to the Cowboys for the sole reason that he will be at the game.

      Ravens/Browns - I'm picking that as my upset....

  2. After being accused of just being a cowboy hater I'm happy with the first half results so far. ;)