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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fame or Shame Week 4 Results

Another week in the books and for the first time we have someone actually in First Place instead of a tie for first.

That person - Well Me you fun loving Idiots.
Two of the other 3 that were tied with me until this week went with the Chargers who didn't quite get enough points to keep up by that last guy?

Oh my poor idiot brother-in-law who picked the Steelers and lost points.
Dumbass :)

ColtsW 41-1734 95 Serge
ChargersW 33-1429 90 Craig O
ChargersW 33-1429 90 Bill R
ChargersW 33-1429 84 Craig T
ColtsW 41-1734 75 Jake
ColtsW 41-1734 70 Randy
ChargersW 33-1429 65 Joe G
ChargersW 33-1429 63 Nick G
ChargersW 33-1429 60 Stephanie
SteelersL 24-27(3)58 Sergio
ChargersW 33-1429 50 Mike T
SteelersL 24-27(3)44 Old Man
FalconsL 28-41(13)42 Jason R
DolphinsW 38-1434 31 Tony V
ColtsW 41-1734 25 Steph T
CardinalsBYE0 12 Jason D
SaintsL 17-38(21)10 Rob L
FalconsL 28-41(13)8 Spank
SteelersL 24-27(3)6 Mauri
No PickBYE0 (2)Carnell
FalconsL 28-41(13)(4)Bosko
SteelersL 24-27(3)(9)Claudia
SteelersL 24-27(3)(11)Bill M

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