Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 Happy New Year

So here we are in a new year and I am utterly bored with football because they decided to put some craptastic games on TV.
For the 1st set of games I got to suffer through Miami vs the Jets or New Orleans vs Carolina.  I chose the Saints game just based on the fact that they were going for some records but honestly I could not care about any of the games.
For the 2nd game it's Oakland vs San Diego which is blah.  It has minor playoff implications in-so-much as the Raiders could get in if they win AND Denver loses.  Better choice for a game on TV would have been Baltimore vs Cincy because Cincy is in a must win situation.  They win and they get in.
Even the Steelers vs Browns would have been better but that's because I'm a fan of the Steelers.
Either way, Football is boring today (in part because I'm bloody tired) and thus I'm sitting in front of my computer composing my first blog of 2012.

I ended 2011 by playing a few hours of poker at Planet Hollywood and winning over $300 in part to 2 big hands.  The first big hand was the complete antithesis to what happened to me last time when I was out and playing on the strip during NYE.  There was a raise to $7 and I made it $27 and only the pre-flop raiser called. I have pocket Queens and am very happy to see a flop of JQK.  Pre flop raiser makes a bet and I put her all in for the $100 or so she has left and she instantly calls.  I flip up Queens and say that I know I'm behind to her Kings - good hand.  However the turn is the most beautiful lady in the deck and my quads take down a nice pot.

A little bit later I limped with T7 and the guy after me limped as well.  We take a flop of about 6 people and it's a very gorgeous looking 689 with 2 diamonds.  I bet out $15 and the guy next to me raises it to $30, everyone folds to me and after a moment or two of contemplation I decide to make it $130 - he calls.
The turn is a pretty ugly 9 of hearts but I throw the rest of my chips into the middle - the guy thinks about it for a while and finally decides to call with AA and I take down a nice pot.
Between then and 15 minutes before the group molestation I pissed away about $100 - and ended up leaving up $359.

Now there is the matter of the fireworks, the celebration and over 300,000 screaming idiots out on the streets. I got the great pleasure of being inside what must have been a pot circle because the smell was coming from every direction.  It was next to impossible to move and at one point I have 3 chicks in front of me and the one who's ass is right next to my crotch decided to dance a happy dance because it's New Years, definitely weird.
A bit later, I'm slowly working my way down towards the street and I'm standing near a guide rail and a middle aged Asian chick tries to grab a hold of the rail but ends up with her hand on my crotch instead, normally I'd consider this a huge victory but she just smiled at me and apologized.

Another thing that decided to take away from the fireworks was the fact that there are just too many idiots out. You have drunks with no self control and then just groups of thugs who are looking to start shit.  I got to watch one drunk guy get beat up right near me twice and all because he happened to accidentally knock the hat off of some low-life thug looking to start shit.

While I'm complaining about idiots - who in their right mind brings small children to this type of celebration?  Out on the street where you are basically packed body to body with strangers and you're standing out there with your little 2-6 year olds (or those who were pushing around strollers).   Everyone of those parents should probably be shot for putting their kid in danger like that.  "Watch what you're doing, there's a kid here."  Really?  Maybe be a real parent and leave your kid the hell at home instead of subjecting him to fights, drunks, pot smoke and potential molestation by any of the random 20,000 people who are passing by you in a 20 minute span.  You are a horrible parent and deserve what is coming to you.

Oh, and the fireworks (from my vantage point) just really weren't that exciting.  Maybe i'm just an old curmudgeon now a days but I was unimpressed.

After the fireworks my evening picked up as I caught up with a friend who I then spent the next 5 hours in conversation with.  I got home at 6:30 in the morning and woke up at 9 when Monster decided he really wanted to go outside.

Good times.
It's 2:20 right now and I'm really considering running to the casino in order to catch some of the games while they are still good on this day of drunken tourist celebration.

I plan on having an awesome 2012 and I hope you all do too.  I thank everyone who is coming along for the ride and I'm happy to report that on New Years Eve my "subscribed" membership went from 9 to 12, a 33% increase.

Peace, Love, Recycle.
Live Long and Prosper
Hasta La Pasta
Where the hell is my 5-hour energy?


  1. he's out of his tourney now and onhis way to binions.

  2. sorry, I just woke up from my nap :)
    Catching up on his thread now.

  3. you have to be seated at a pokre table during the football games or something to win.

  4. hey grrouchie, tony is busy in the online tourney and has 70 tickets for binions. there's no name on them just numbers - he has like 80. Do you want them? if so contact tony or email me at he's asked me to ask you.