Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weight Loss - 25 to go

25 pounds to go to get to my next goal!

It continues to astound me that I've actually lost the amount of weight I have so far and that I'm continuing to take some off little by little.  The thing that gets me is that I haven't given up on it and gone back to my old eating habits.  I've had a bad week here and there but I go right back into my routine after it's over and done to continue my journey.  1 Month ago I was at 249.8, so while I bitch and moan to myself that the weight really isn't coming off, it's the long term progress that shows I'm wrong and the reason I am keeping up with it.

About a week or so ago I went out shopping with my lady and ended up getting a new belt.  A week later I finally started wearing it because she brow beat me into it.

Lady: "you are wearing that same piece of shit old belt?"
grrouch: "yeah, why?"
Lady: "What about the new one we just bought?"
grrouch: "I thought that was for special occasions only"
Lady: "You thought we bought a belt to wear once a year?  Are you crazy?"

So, even though I thought we bought a size smaller than I should have (I did that for motivation) I put it on yesterday only to realize that it does, indeed, fit.
I'm going to chalk this up to fat-boy syndrome though, as I always want to order more food than I can eat (or, what I used to be able to eat) and I always want to buy stuff at my old sizes.
So, the fact that the belt fits is great and now I just have to start getting pants that fit as these old ones just fall right off me with no belt attached.  All in due time I guess.

Today I don't have a whole lot planned.  Getting a hair cut and possibly buying one pair of pants.
Reading and playing some video games.  Maybe make it through a couple more episodes of Dexter since I have been slacking there.

Hope everyone else is on the path to achieving at least one of their new years resolutions.


  1. Congrats. Play Borderlands with me!

  2. Good work. Lifestyle changes require you to fight inertia, which always seem to be the toughest challenges for me.