Saturday, January 05, 2013

Mount Charleston

I don't know who this Charleston fellow is but bravo for him!

Tomorrow we are doing another outing to Mt Charleston to let the kids go sledding.  Once again it's going to be cold outside and I'm voluntarily going into such conditions, weird shit.

Last time we went there was no fresh snow so the white guy didn't get a chance to show the Mexicans how to make a snow man (Last year they stole someone else's and posed for pictures pretending they did it themselves).  I'm hoping for better conditions this time.

Also, I was the only person not wearing gloves last time and as such I was the only person really able to make a good snowball as the snow was not packy at all.  Packy is not a word, interesting.
I forgot that after a few minutes of being submerged and holding/manipulating this frigid white stuff ones fingers tend to go numb.  I learned quickly.  This time will be no different I'm certain.

I've got my "cold" clothes ready.  I've got two blankets in the car for the kids on the ride home.  I have an extra sweatshirt and some sort of coat like thing that I'll be wearing and an extra one in the trunk in case someone else gets cold and needs added warmth.

To start the morning off we'll be doing home made pancakes and probably Sausage and/or Turkey Bacon (definitely sausage, mmmmm).  We'll be packing sandwiches to take along so everyone can take a lunch break.  Bringing cookies and chips because everyone loves to snack.  And two thermoses of Hot Chocolate, though I think we should bring a third but that will require a trip to the store in the morning.  Only time will tell.

Last time it was definitely a great time.  I'm new to the whole doing things together as a family thing.  Having a kid to look after and entertain.  I'm adjusting well I think but it's still weird to me at times.  I remember the days when life rotated around me and those appear to be long gone.

So, everyone stay warm and watch the games and think of your dear old grrouch who is going to be out, high in the mountains (as opposed to HI in the mountains) and freezing off all of his manly parts while you are warm and inside and drinking a beer or two.

That's a great idea, I should bring beer to keep me warm.
Good thinking.


  1. You funny lad. Those of us here in the north-land are rolling on the floor. I imagine your cold is a "dry" cold like your heat; maybe that will make it as comfortable as a July day.

    1. I grew up with real cold so I understand your laughter.
      However, now that I am acclimated to Vegas temperature sub 30s is cold. :)

  2. I was just there yesterday seeing as I live around the corner. Bad idea. It was cold. I hate cold.

    1. My fingers got cold. However, snow wasn't fresh and kind of Boring.