Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Desperate Confession

I love Desperate Housewives.  There, I said it. Ridicule me, make fun of me.  Gouge my eyes and pull out my hair.  Whatever you want to do to me you can go for it.  This show is just fucking brilliant.  
Maybe it's the fact that I'm watching it so many years after the fact, maybe it's just the company that I keep while watching the show.  Maybe it's the amazing cast members that come and go whom I have loved from other things.
I never gave this show a chance when it was on the air because it really did seem like it was just a cheap Sex and the City knock off (Sex in the City?  I'm too lazy to bother to Google it to find out what the show's actual title was).  A bunch of middle aged broads sleeping with whomever and creating drama for those around them.  Blah blah, boring.  Give me Beavis and Butt-head any day instead.   However, now that I've had some time to sit down and watch the show I'm really enjoying the whole humor aspect to it.  There is a lot of on the surface humor and some dark humor going on as well.  
It reminds me of a "modern day" version of another of my all time favorite shows (though, not as over the top and not nearly as funny)....

SOAP was brilliant and had an amazing cast of characters to go with it, also had some spin off shows that became some of the best out there.  I mean, who the hell didn't love Benson?
Not only that but "Mona" was in this show (as a different character, but whatever) and the dude from Empty Nest not to mention others.
This was so over the top and a great parody of what Soap's where all about that I watched every episode that Nick-at-Nite would throw at me.
But, enough about this amazing show that everyone should have the pleasure of watching and back to the topic at hand.

With the episodes that I have been catching (you know, because I watch 3 but the lady watches 13) I have been running into actors/actresses who starred in some other shows that I love which makes me just enjoy Desperate Housewives even more.
I mean, Rita Bennett, Captain Jack Harkness and Agent Dale Cooper?  All of these amazing people have appeared in DH and it just adds to my viewing pleasure.

Now, even though I've only been able to catch about 3-6 episodes per season while visiting my lady I am going to admit.... nay... I'm going to Confess that I will end up using this show as background noise fodder while doing other things so that I can actually follow the whole thing from start to finish.

Do you think less of me now?


  1. If you hadn't included the mention of your love for Soap we probably would have had to send the testosterone police to collect your man card.

    I watched the first two seasons of Desperate Housewives and then kind of lost interest.

    1. The Evil Dead post kind of helps to offset this, and I'll be talking about other horror movies again soon to help keep my cred in check!

  2. "Do you think less of me now?"

    Yes -- Man Card put on probation. Fortunately, the Evil Dead post kept it from being suspended.

  3. I loved SOAP, one of the all time classic shows.

    Desperate Housewives? It was well done for what it was, but what it was wasn't my cup of tea.

  4. edie or susan?


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