Friday, January 04, 2013

The Evil Dead

It's not very often that I'll actually get really excited for something that is going to come out and count down the days until I get to see it, touch it, taste it or play with it.  However I've slowly been making an exception for the remake of The Evil Dead.

When I first heard about it was hated the idea and was rather annoyed that they were taking one of my favorite movies and re-doing it.  How could this possibly go right?  There was too much room to just destroy the movie and ruin the experience for me.

Then, the 1st trailer came out and my thought process turned to "You know, this doesn't look too bad, I'll give it a try."

Then today it all changed.  As I woke up prepared to write a blog bitching about how my back has been killing me this week I checked my Facebook and saw a New, longer trailer for the movie.
I've now gone to being officially excited and planning to be piss myself scared in the theaters.
This next video is not for the squeamish and if this is just a 2 minute preview I'm fucking dying to see the entire movie.
I'm going to have to wait to march but I'm requesting the day off and even if I can't find a theater buddy I'm seeing this on release.

Don't be fulled if the preview screen for both video's looks the same  (they do on my computer).  The 1st Video is the Teaser Trailer and the 2nd Video is the full length preview with different material.
This is a very well done horror movie preview.
I'm ga-damned excited.

Who else is going to see this movie?
Anyone want to watch it on release with me?


  1. Don't know that I would want to be kissing that girl anytime soon with all the fluids that seem to flow from her ...

    1. You're right, it might be wise to make her brush her teeth first

  2. Go see the musical, it is so much fun. Even if Claudia hasn't seen the movies she'll enjoy it. The songs are fun and the actors are funny. The extra $20 bucks for the splatter zone is worth it. Be warned that stuff burns your skin and eyes.

    1. It is in my plans to go see that and see if she wants to come along.
      I've been wanting to see it since I found out it was in Vegas - almost bought the soundtrack on Amazon.