Monday, January 21, 2013

My Super Bowl Scenerio

Listen, fairy tales are not supposed to actually happen and thus fairy tale ending are not either.
Remember a few years back when Jerome Bettis was retiring and the Steelers had that amazing run and luck culminating in a Super Bowl Victory as his retirement game?
Yeah, that was awesome and that type of shit ONLY happens to the good guys.

The Baltimore Ravens are the BAD guys folks.  Evil and Stinky and no good fortune should smile upon them.
It was bad enough that the Baltimore Browns already claimed stake to one Super Bowl (at least not as the Cleveland Browns so that that franchise still can't claim one) and lets not make this two.

Ray Lewis needs to taste the most bitter amount of defeat that he can and this is my scenario.

15 seconds left on the 7 yard line, 49ers are down by 5.  Kaepernick fakes a hand-off to Frank Gore and the entire Defense is fooled except for one man, Ray Lewis.

Kaepernick keeps the ball and has an angle towards the end-zone.  Ray Lewis is stalking his prey and appears to be able to tackle him short of the score.  Kaepernick stops, breaks his ankles with a Barry Sanders like Juke/Spin and breaks free of the clutches of Ray Lewis and Jaunts into the end-zone for the go ahead score while the greatest Inside Linebacker to ever play the game misses the most important tackle of his entire life.

Cut to the 49ers celebration and a detested Ravens squad in disbelief and the final picture that we will have to see of Ray Lewis which will be shown 2 million more times over the next season and beyond.
This will be more famous than the "ALMOST" touchdown when the Titans were stopped 2 yards short against the rams.


  1. Okay, you've convinced me. I'm on board. And I'm also fronting you $500k for the movie rights.

  2. He might fake to Frank Gore. Rice plays for Baltimore.

    1. The fake to Rice would confuse the Ravens however... :)

    2. Fixed - I'm just getting sloppy :)

  3. Jerry Rice has been retired for some time now, Ray Rice plays for the Ravens.

    The perfect ending would be Ray Lewis taking into custody in the middle of the 4th quarter for the murders he was involved in back on Jan 31 2000.