Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Home Poker Game

I want to start up my own Home Poker Game.
Maybe not for quite the stakes that are being represented by the attached image, but instead something for fun where everyone can have a few brews and enjoy some bad food - kick back and relax.

I do have a few obstacles to hurdle before I get to the point where this can become a reality.

I guess, naturally, the first place to start would be the securing of a table.
My kitchen table really wouldn't cut it unless there were only 6 players at the most.  Ideally I'd like 10 players and as such I need to get myself a bigger table.
At one point I had the dillusion of actually making a table myself, but I've put that in my past.  At this point I'm more willing to purchase.
Also thinking about one of those plastic folding tables that you can find everywhere (Sam's, Costco, etc) until I upgrade to a real poker table with Felt and everything.

I found the cards that I want for this gathering
And if you scroll down far enough you'll see the chips that go with it.
In Love.

I'd also need people to play the game as well (but that's getting a bit ahead of myself).
So, there you have it.
My intentions (not with your daughter).

We'll see what becomes of this in a few months I suppose.


  1. Replies
    1. This is the attitude I like.
      Also - I kinda fucking miss hanging out with you and bullshitting in between bad beats and UFC fights!

  2. Those chips are fantastic. Cthulhu fhtagn.


    1. Yeah, a bit pricey but damned they looked gorgeous