Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Control

Even when I feel like I'm not posting very much I look at my monthly stats and it says that this will be number 22.  Maybe I just feel that way when I'm not writing something every single day of the week.

However, my children, I have not (nor can I) forget about all of y'all.

It comes back to something I said many moons ago, writing is therapy.  I just really enjoy doing it.
I'm the "hold it in until you fucking break" kind of person and this gives me an outlet even if I'm not exactly talking about what is on my mind.
While I'm typing all of the thoughts and bitches and moans are running through my head but what comes out is more productive and soothing and generally helps to put me into a relaxed state of being again.

Today my page count broke 80k - Milestones!
I'm getting dangerously close to 400 posts - Milestones.
I can't get no satisfaction - Rolling Stones

I silently (verbalized to one person) set myself a goal of getting down to 240 before the month of January ended and I can get close but there will be no cigar.  Today when I jumped on the scale I was at 242.something which puts me at a loss this month but just not quite as much as I was hoping for.
However, I do realize that I control that and the week of Del Taco didn't help.  The Ice Cream didn't help (speaking of which, thinking about some right now) and et cetera.  I control my own destiny.
Slow and steady wins the race.

My tax refund is so close I can smell it.  I filed early and my expected return is before Feb 20th - I'm hoping that it shows up before VD.

Speaking of VD (and I'm ending with this).
Anyone have some suggestions of a place to take the lady this year?
I've gotta start looking so I can make a reservation.  I'm hoping to pick some place we haven't gone before.

....and to all a good night.....


  1. I never take my wife out exactly on Valentines.service always blows,places are packed, value is low.make above dinner at home, or go for a couples massage at a spa over the weekend...present her with that on VDay...

    1. She wants to head out.
      Dinner/Movie - A nice evening of relaxation away from everything familiar.
      Drop the kid off at her parents and just enjoy a few hours of something new and different.

      I've never been a big fan of going out on the holidays (any of them) but I'm willing to do whatever the little lady wants to make her happy.