Monday, January 21, 2013

Poker - Where the Hell did it Go?

At one point in time I used to play and talk about this game that I love so much.  I live in one of the top 3 cities for games going on at all hours of the day and yet I haven't played once in probably two months.
What the hell happened?

Oh.  Those damned holidays took all of my extra money away.  Relieved me of that extra money would be a polite way to put it.

I do have a plan though and while semi talking about it with Coach I decided that I should tell all of you as well.
Yes, I really y'all probably don't really give a shit but the fact is I love to hear myself type and this is a good enough reason to type as any I'll find before passing out tonight.

March Madness
That is what I'm aiming for.
I don't have all the logistics worked out just yet as I came up with this date just while talking to Coach, but in my head with a brief going over it makes perfect sense to me.

Rough calculations in my head put my remaining debt somewhere around three grand.
I've got my income tax refund coming to me 1st week or so of February and combine that with a regular payment on my student loan that will knock out about half of the debt right there.

Now, here is where a little good fortune needs to come into play.  Based on all of the information that I currently have at my disposal I am on target to bonus at work for the 4th quarter of the 2012 fiscal year.  There is one piece of information that I do not have (just so happens to be the same piece of information which actually kept us from hitting bonus last quarter) but all signs are pointing to that being in our favor as well.  So, if things work out the way I want them to work out I'll be receiving a big fat bonus with my 1st check in March and that will allow me to finish paying off all of my debt.

The only issue that I'm seeing now is I need to find somewhere to pull a few buy-ins together so that I can actually put some hours in during March Madness and take advantage of the juicy games that go on during this time of year.

As it is I'm a bit sad that I'll be missing the Super Bowl weekend games but it is more important that I finish what I set out to do.  All in due time I guess.

In the meantime it's more work, more budgeting, more planning and more reading comics in my spare time.
I want to upgrade my Kindle Fire to a Kindle Fire HD - specifically the 8.9 inch screen, though I'd be willing to settle for the 7 inch screen if need be.  Scouring craigslist daily looking for a dope head to just wants to get rid of theirs (or someone else's) cheaply for a quick fix.


  1. the fact is I love to hear myself type

    LOL, love this comment.

    1. I thought someone would get enjoyment out of that.

  2. I am heading down your way the last week of March and plan on playing mostly poker. If you, or anyone else reading this, is so inclined, we could get together for a session or two. Good luck with the debt paydown. Sounds like you are almost there. Keep it up.


    1. Would love too.
      Let me know dates and I'll work on freeing up my schedule

  3. oh hai!1

    yes blog needs moar pokers =(

    also question if i may...did u ever follow up on craps dealing?

    gl homie


    1. My master plan of being able to get back to playing poker more often is slowly unfolding.
      As for Craps - unfortunately I never got to follow up.

      The problem was when my work schedule got screwed over and I had to quit my (new) job, I didn't have time to continue school so I could keep practicing. By the time the other person in my office came back and my schedule went back to more normal - shortly later I ended up getting my promotion making a lot more than I can with any entry level craps job and being Full time with benefits....
      So, it sort of worked out that it just wasn't worth while to go through with it right now.

      Thanks for checking in as always FBOY!!!!