Friday, January 11, 2013

A question Answered

FBoy recently wrote a comment asking me where the "push up challenge" tab went on my page.

Simple answer is I took it down because I haven't been able to get to it lately.
More simpler answer is that right now I have some sort of issue with my right shoulder that has been causing me some pain and I've put the challenge on hold for a while until I get this worked out.

This, of course, is the same shoulder where I tore my rotator cuff a few years back and randomly causes me issues.  

Now, so that this post isn't horribly small and cause Rob to have a brain aneurysm or anything, I'll add just a little bit more.

In my first 10 days of the year I have read 40 Spiderman comics.  They have not all been The Amazing Spiderman because I have found some other early series that tie in and continue stories and as such I'll be giving up the quest to read the entire Amazing in the year 2013 because I'm going to be adding in a TON of other, non Amazing, Spiderman comics/issues into the mix that it might be nigh impossible.
700 of just one series in a year was going to be a big task and I'm pretty sure I could have accomplished it, but I'm fairly certain that by the time I get a complete reading order of all the Spidey comics done (or found) I'll be well over 1000 comics and will NOT finish.  I guess this is what I get by starting with a popular comic instead of one that was cancelled after 25 issues or so.

However, within these 1st 40 issues that I have gone through I'm really liking this Spider-Guy a lot more than I previously did and am now actually willing to forgive Spiderman 3 for all of it's SUCKAGE.  I'm enjoying being introduced to some of these great villains for the first time and watching as Spiderman falters against the likes of Doc Ock, Sandman and Lizard and goes up against Foes I didn't even know existed like The Vulture (which seems like a dirty old pedo to me).

However, some of the victories just kind of make me chuckle.  My favorite thus far was beating Sandman with a Vacuum cleaner the first time they fought.  Classic.
Mary Jane has been introduced by name, the Green Goblin has made an appearance and Spiderman gets a LOT of flack from the kids at school and from his boss - J.J.J.

All in all I'm having a blast going through the back issues and I am picking up some of the ones I really like through eBay and such.  I'm also going to start pulling Superior Spiderman as they come out though I don't know if I'll read them until I'm up to that part of the story line.
I'm thinking about going back to Amazing around issue 683 where one of the last big storylines started and reading through to the end and then going in with Superior.  Then when I get up to that point with all of the back issues just re-reading them again.
Who knows.

What I do know is that I've got to leave the house because I've got a date and we're going to Sweet Tomatoes for Lunch today (I've got a coupon).

Is it bad etiquette to use coupons on a date?


  1. It's only bad etiquette if the coupon is used for the McDonald's dollar menu.

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    1. o hai!

      hows it goin lil kiesha?


      FBOY OBV!!!!!!!111111

  3. I think you have a chance to be the second blogger to get a guest shot on The Big Bang Theory -- even though you're no Wesley Crusher.

  4. this is my latest brag XD

    ty for le shout out homie

  5. "Is it bad etiquette to use coupons on a date?"

    No, and it shows you are good husband material.