Friday, January 25, 2013

Poker, Work, Comics, Babble Babble

I'm starting to itch and Jones for poker again.
I feel it in my blood, it's starting to excite me.
Time.  All in due time though.

I received an email a little while ago from someone in a good position at a Casino here in the states who wants to collaborate on a piece for this blog extolling why live poker is still important in this digital age.
Kinda seems weird that I'd get that email as I feel quite certain that this person doesn't follow my blog.

So, I'll chalk it up to random happenstance where I was one of many who got the email all because I happened to do a post just recently on poker which came up in a Google search of some kind.

Whatever, poker is poker and I invite more poker into my life.

My next trick will be to present all of this poker stuff to the new woman in a way which she will be comfortable with.  She has some reservations about gambling in general that are in no way related to me but you know how issues are - they stick with you no matter what.

So, I'll be developing a plan to help ease her into it and get her approval so that it will not be something that could later come between us.

On the more dorky side of life, Issue #3 of Witch Doctor: Malpractice came out and I'm happy to report that the letter (to the writers) that I sent end ended up being published.  That makes me feel all dorky and tingly inside.

I've also decided that I can't read nothing but Spiderman over the course of the year or my brain will explode so I know my goal won't be hit but I'm still going to put a large dent into it.
That being said I want to point out that I started reading this great new comic called Revival.
This comic is about a small town where a bunch of dead loved ones decide to start living again.  Not becoming Zombies or anything like that, but just coming back to life and really messing shit up for those around them who have already gone through the grieving (and possibly healing) process.
It deals a lot with the issues of dead people coming back to life and the strain it puts on their families and those around them.
I went through the 1st 5 issues (released as a collection) and really dig it so I'm going to have to start following it from here as it was quite enjoyable.

Dead chicks are hot :)

At work I had to fill out an end of the year self evaluation crap fest thing that sucked.  I got promoted for the last quarter and had to submit something.  My submission basically said "I don't know what you are looking for and need guidance" and never received that guidance.
4 months later I now have to evaluate myself based on the "goals" that I didn't set up and everything that went into my "plan" that really wasn't submitted.
No one ever looked over my submission and got back to me, sat down with me so that we could set anything up and as such this is going to make this first "review" pretty painful.
It's going to show a lack of effort on my part for not seeking out the information and a lack of care on the part of my supervisors for not bothering to even look at what was submitted so that we could form a course of action.  I'm fairly certain the blame will all be pointed at me because we know "shit rolls down hills" and I'm cool with that.  Leaves all my improvement over the course of 2013 to look that much more impressive I guess.


  1. I frequently get request for guest blogs. Got one last week. I answered to show me the money. They did and it will go up shortly.

    With NV getting online gaming. I imagine his goal is to get links started for their offering.

    Such "guest posts" go for about $100.

    1. Yeah - so far I've gotten paid twice for either a guest post or for sprinkling some content (read: Link) into a post and was happy to have some extra cash since I didn't have to go out of my way to get it (was going to talk about that subject anyways).

      The weird part is not that, but that the casino this guy works in doesn't have any Vegas ties that I'm aware of (though I admit to being mostly ignorant in this area) and is on the other coast.

      Maybe that will change shortly.

  2. Grouchie, I heard from the guy, too. I'm in NY, so it makes a bit more sense geographically. He probably was just looking into poker blogs in general. I couldn't figure out how we could mutually benefit each other, so in the end, I wished him luck but told him that there wasn't much I could do to help him. I would love to see what comes out of your conversations with him. He seemed like a good guy.