Saturday, November 24, 2012

Online Pokering again a bit

So I've been putting in a few hands recently on Black Chip Poker.
It took me awhile but I figured out who my affiliate was and it is rakebrain.
My issue is that none of my stats are updating on the site.  Thinking about switching to Carbon which is on the same network and setting up with a different affiliate that pays out quicker (and maybe has up to date statistics).
Maybe Vook can weigh in with an opinion here, or anyone else that plays with a rakeback deal that can point me in a good loyal direction.

My other step is that I need to get a tracking program - I've used Poker Tracker before and will probably just go back to that unless someone else knows of something better.

That's all
Very minor

grrouch out


  1. Humm, some way to track the Grr's play -- quite a conundrum.

    I would suggest a Ouija board.

    1. I like it Ken -
      I'll have to run out and buy one.
      Maybe a Jumanji board as well

  2. seals with clubs, payouts under 12 hours

    1. A baby seal walked into a club.....

      Baby Seals only

  3. You really can't go wrong with either Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager.. As far as I know those are still the best trackers out there.

    1. Ok.
      I figure'd these were my options.

      I'll have to look into both and see which one is cheaper and read some reviews.

    2. I prefer Poker Tracker (the new one) over HEM2, and I used HEM2 for a long time. Poker Tracker used to be harder to use, but they have made it way easier. They have included things auto notes and table selecting software that really helps during sessions. Just my 2 cents.

  4. vook wants u to go thru raketherake if he sets u up on sites such as carbon and lock. if u see his blog. all i know is if u like 300 chip hyper turbos they never seem to go on lock, there are double or nothing sngs and cash games and u get ur rakeback every hour constantly. very fast

    1. I will not be venturing into the land of Turbo's or Hyper Turbo's as I don't have the bankroll or experience in those to sustain the variance.
      I'll stick to cash games, maybe DON's and smaller buy-in MTT's - Mostly cash for a while probably.

  5. Haven't use Pokertracker since switching to Holdem Manager 3 years ago, I like HEM much better.

    1. What is it about HEM that you like better Pokerdogg?
      Any info/explanation would be beneficial

    2. I just find the program easier to use, the user interface is better, easier to configure the HUD. Poker tracker 2 also got slow once you get a sizable database (I think I had around 1 million hands before the switch). Mind you, I was using Poker Tracker 2, so I don't know what the current poker tracker is like.

  6. sup grouchi its yo boi Fboy!!!

    if u want max rb in quick payments u need to b gettin "under the table rb", the best u r guna get is merge 60% rb paid daily and wil b on a smaller "skins" e.g. bluff room

    u are NOT guna get a deal like this from a huge affil with big website etc, u need a broke ass affil that has sick under the table 50%+ deals

    NOTE - i am not pimpin myself here, i consider affiliates the scum of the earth hehe

    i stick to stars coz way more traffic and less regs (unfortunately u dont hav that chance like i do now :P) also u dont make some lazy bitsh sat on his ass a chunk from rb but yolo if u wana get 60% rb u gotta go thru a bitsh like that

    i play hu poker only and is by far the most profitable form on polka on the webs imo

    if ur plannin on playin online u absolutely need a hud, HEM1 is the nuts imo, HEM2 and PT4 are too damn resource heavy and imo are overkill. PT4 has some awesome hud stats that are legit for hu (but need sick sample on villain which is rare for hu (lolbumhuntin))

    HEM1 also tells u how much u rake but imo that shud b the least of wat u use the hud for

    problem - HEM1 has been discontinued afaik, u can only but HEM2 BUT!!! i know HEM1 has been cracked so try n dld it from bestpokertorrents or isohunt(?) etc

    lemme kno if any Qs, im rushed this (obv)


    - get 50%+ rb paid daily from an under the table affil
    - get HEM1

    PS lol is TBC confirmed busto?

  7. grrouchie just email BCP support to get you rake back, no need to go through raketherake, rakebrain will get 35% rake back straight from BCP.

    1. OK, I'll give it a try come Monday.

    2. Sent the email yesterday - they said they will put in a request to attach the 35% Rake Back to my account.

      I'll be earning extra pennies now!!!