Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 Pounds

The last two days when I happened to get on the scale before my morning shower I finally dipped below 255.  Today was 254.2 and inching closer to my current goal of 250 and 50+ pounds lost during the year.
You see, I have a friends wedding to attend on Saturday and then a reception to attend on Sunday.  My current goal is to hit 250 or lower by the time the wedding rolls around, which would put me at having to lose 4.2 pounds but for fucks sake I'm rounding up to 5 pounds.  I have a week to do it so we will see.

Tonight is football night, watching my Steelers (tied at the half) face the Bengals.  I'm about to dip into some brews and eat some unhealthy stuff which is going to make the goal a bit harder.  Then I have to close at work the next two nights which will hurt as well.  What I'm hoping to do is to hit the gym in the morning and work a bunch of cardio in so that I can add exercise to my routine and give myself a chance to drop 5 pounds (and of course keep it off - not just a temporary thing to say I did it).

I'm going to look like a sleek handsome SOB next weekend and I'm really looking forward to the open bar.
Maybe if I get lucky there will be a hot bridesmaid who drinks entirely too much and loses her good sensibilities .....

Back to the Steelers game :)


  1. It's looking like I'm that Bridesmaid :)

  2. I'm glad that you will be there. She will appreciate it.

    1. Joe has been texting me at lest once a week to remind me and ask about my attendance.

      Last time even made a joke that said he wouldn't ask me any computer questions at the reception as well.

      Now I just have to find an outfit that fits and look my best.

      Wedding is 100% - reception is 50/50 right now depending on if I can switch a shift with one of my peeps