Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Return to Normalcy

The last train to Clarksville has officially left and my life is about to return to the old normal routine that I am used to, and by that I mean my vacation is over and it's time to start earning a pay check again.

Ended up at Aliante watching the Monday Night Football game tonight and after 3 plays into the game there was an obnoxious Dallas fan sitting right in front of myself and my buddy.  We looked at each other and said "this guy's going to be an ass all night and I hope that his team gets whooped."
Prognostication 1, Obnoxious Dallas Fan 0

I know I won't do this daily but I wanted to at least start on the right foot.
I kept track of everything I drank over the course of the day and it was so varied that I thought I would touch upon it just a little bit.
By the end of the month I am hoping to have pie charts to share and dammit I wish blogger had the ability to do pie charts right within itself.  

My number 1 liquid of the day was Water which is good, however I do not expect that Water will be able to keep up with Diet Dew over the long haul.
Diet Dew and Bud Light were tied for second place today.
Third was also a tie between Diet Pepsi and Orange Rockstar.

So, One day in and I've consumed everything but coffee products.  Over all the "Soda's" are in second place.  I'm going to make a concerted effort to actually drink a lot of water this month to get into the habit of it and to actually try to be a bit healthier.  I do know, however, that I'm going to consume a lot of other beverages.  

Water: 50.7 ounces
Soda: 40 ounces (Diet Dew 24oz, Diet Pepsi 16oz)
Bud Light: 24 ounces
Orange Rockstar: 16 ounces

As for the other portions of my challenge I am officially changing #2 from "Beat 1 Video Game" to "Play 15 hours of Video Games."
I realize that it's pretty silly to have a goal to just beat one game when the fact is I could be enjoying multiple games, just not any of them to completion.  I came to this realization while playing games with one of my best friends this past week.  We put a good amount of time into Gears of War 3 (and beat it right before October) between campaign and Horde Mode.  I have a feeling I'll probably play a good amount of Horde this coming month and that would be counter intuitive towards a goal of "beating" a game.  Also, the other games I feel I'll probably play are going to be Borderlands 2 and Skyrim, both which you could easily put 50 hours into and probably not have beaten.  So - Instead I like my new revised goal because it's more realistic with where I am in life currently.

#3 - Read - I have not started yet.
#5 - Budget - While I have not sat down and done anything with my spreadsheet - I know exactly how much I have spent today, all in cash.

Sweet Dreams Children
Hope you all have had a great start to Rocktober!


  1. You are so organized. Or at least trying to be. That's cool.

    As for the "drinking more water" thing. It gets easier. I've always been a fan of water. But, then again I get dehydrated easily. More so now that I live in the desert. But one day you'll be drinking 2 liters a day like me. Something to look forward to. ;o)

    1. It's not really about organization (I'm a cluttered mess most of the time) - but more to the point it's about keeping track so that I can actually get a real grasp on the actuality of it all.

      I know I drink a lot of Dew - I know I have cut back over the years but I still ingest what most might consider an unreasonable amount.
      I'm just curious just how much it is.

      If I choose to do anything with that information is the big question.