Sunday, October 21, 2012

He caught me Bluffing

He'd been sitting at the table for about 40 minutes and had decided to become the table maniac by making large bets and pushes at various moments because no one wanted to call any of it.  Either no one else decided to pay attention to this detail or everyone was afraid to get stacked which played right into his hands.

I had been playing for about 4 hours and carefully built up a stack of about $450 while he had been playing for a lot less longer and built up about the same stack.  While not afraid to go toe to toe with the guy I can see the end of the session in sight and just don't want to tango without some primo holdings.

This is where the trouble occurs, I get dealt two disgustingly ugly red Kings.

Three limpers into the pot when I move the action to $15 which was a large raise for the table before he sat down but he likes the number and so who am I to argue with him right?  I could have just called and waited to see if he raised it up (raise or fold yo!) but I'm not going to wait for someone else to hopefully bring the action to me - that backfires way too often.

Gentleman likes his hand, he re-pops it to $45 (and this is where I forgot to mention he was in a blind).  Everyone else folds to me, I make it $125.  This is not his first re-raise pre-flop but this is the first time he's been played back at.  I'm good with taking $45 from him right here and being done with it but I'm letting him know that this hand could be played for stacks as well.

He calls without a whole lot of hesitation, his hand range really still not laid out and visible.  Not having seen many showdowns from him except some weird flopped two pair with Q5 after he had re-raised someone else pre and then proceeded to take that gentleman to stacking down.
I can't put a definite range on his hand, You can throw the big pairs in there and big connectors, you can probably even keep some garbage in there because he wants to continue to be the table bully.

The flop is not exactly pretty.  I could have Zero outs, I could need to hit quads, who knows.
What I did know is that I had already made up my mind that if he has Aces then golf clap to him, it's his lucky night and I hope he hits the strip club up afterwards.

Qs 4s 7s

That's a lot of black on the table when I'm holding two red Kings.
Bully insta pushes.
Does he have Queens?  Did he have Ax of spades? Did he have two spades.
I just think the guy is trying to bully me.  That's what it all feels like in my head.
If he is thinking he has to put me on a big pair.  No one has played back at him.
Aces or Queens I go down swinging, he probably just has the Ace of spades and I"m willing to dodge 12 outs.  It's not ideal but I do not have him pegged for a man who has me beat at this very moment.
Call me stupid, call me stubborn.  Whatever you want to call me - I insta called him.

I flip up my 2 red Kings
He's not happy, he's not showing, I must have made the right play.

The Turn is the Jack of Not Spades, he makes no movement, he is still staring at the board and waiting for his miracle.
The turn is the 9 of Not Spades and then his reaction changes a bit.
He double checks his cards and a huge smile drapes across his lips at what I'm considering to be his awesome 2 out 9 on the river for an unlikely set.

He flips his cards.
I see a red 8 come up.  I scan the board - there are no 8's out there.  No set is possible.
This is my hand fucker.  He couldn't have hit a flush either right?
I double check the board - there are still only 3 spades and he is showing one red card - Game Over.
I'll take my profit and go home.  I'll party like the son of a broke rock star, with Diet Mt Dew - the fine shit that I ain't used to buying.

The Dealer separates his two cards, the 2nd one was stuck under the first and not visible.
it's a 10 - also not a spade.  Also not even fucking black.

What the fuck just happened.
My mind starts to slowly put things together as my cards are grabbed by the dealer and then tossed to the muck like Not A Winner - No Chicken Dinner.  Go home like you just had your first sexual encounter because you're leaving Sticky, Broke and Confused.

It was 100% pure bluff with the two ugliest cards to follow.
Fuck Poker.
Fuck Lucky People.
No hookers and blow for daddy tonight.

grrouch out


  1. Ouch. That was about as bad as it gets.

  2. Good read even though it didn't work out.

  3. and everyone that looks like them

  4. Thats absolutely stinking. good right up though..!

    1. Trying to add a bit more creativity to the ugly game of poker.

      Glad everyone enjoyed the hand write up!!

  5. Hey, wait. When did this become a poker blog?!?

    Nasty beat, but nice write up. Thanks.


    1. Got a new job with slightly more income, might be able to get out once in a while and play again and Hopefully get back to talking about poker, hookers and craps again Lol.