Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Hump Day

Welcome to the middle of the week where you have strangely volunteered to work an over night at your new store on only the second week of your existence there.

Last night I finished Season 1 of Damages and started Season 2 while visiting a friend.  Stayed up late in an attempt to sleep in because I know tonight is going to be bloody long and mostly boring.  There is actually still a chance that the reset crew could call our store and cancel - which is what they did to the store they were supposed to do last week.
However, no need to fear because no matter what we are working this overnight.  You see, there is company in town which means there are always things to do.  I also have 13 million things that I need to count each and every week now that I've got my new position.

Right now I'm training a guy to take my job.  I figure that in a year I'll have him promoted and in the same position.  However, my ultimate hope is that by that time I'm able to actually switch areas that I'm over so that he can just take over my area.  I would not be looking forward to the day where I would have to do all this work alone - but maybe that's just because I'm new and don't know the product that well yet.  Maybe in a year when I get him into bigger and better things handling my current workload won't be so overwhelming.
Whatever, that is for down the line.

This morning I woke up before 7 am again which really sucked but then again I had to pee so I took the opportunity to relieve myself in a toilet instead of on my bed.
Afterwards I did a quick check of the weight.
I mainly did this because yesterday I weighed myself before going to work and I was at exactly 260 - which meant that another day of controlled healthy eating would put me below for the first time in about 4 years.
So, with much happiness I report that I was at 259.2 first thing this morning.  All my hard work paying off as I have now officially lost over 40 pounds this year.
I'd still like to be able to drop another 20 before the year is over and I have 3 months to do it.  It's perfectly reasonable that I could do it but I'd have to make some changes to the way I eat in order to accomplish it and I realize that.  Only time will tell what happens but seeing that scale dip below 260 was an amazing feeling after being stuck between 260-270 for the last two months and slowly, slowly, slowly losing (and then gaining and losing and gaining....).  So, maybe this is what I need to renew my vigor and make another change to get me down to 250....  250 I don't think I have seen since 2004, and that was a pretty temporary drop at the time!

The other day I cancelled another reoccurring bill that will save me about $18 per month.  I'm really starting to get a handle on my finances now that I'm back in the house and just in time I guess since Xmas is right around the corner.  I still haven't bothered to work up my budget and it is really 100% laziness that has gotten me into this issue.  It's an easy thing to do and I just have to spend an evening doing it.  My problem is that I keep finding other things that I'd rather do, like watch 5 hours of Dexter instead.
Whatever.  I will have a budget written up by the end of the month that I will be able to follow for November and December.  I will have Xmas written into it and I will stick to it.  2013 is the year that I will do a budget and stick to it for the entire year.  There are things coming up next year that have been talked about and I am not going to be the reason they don't happen.

There are two possible mini-vacations to California which I do not want to miss.  There is a Trip to Pennsylvania that I am going to make happen.  I cannot make either of these happen at the last minute without some, forethought (those are both better than the 1st - oh the places my fingers take me).

Life is looking up, life is looking good.  There is a happiness within me that I haven't experienced for quite a while and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

grrouch out


  1. grrouchie there is no better feeling in the world than being debt free besides your basic utilities and groceries. I myself have been debt free for a few years now. Good luck!

    1. Yeah, I believe the top 3 greatest feelings are probably Love, Lust and Debt Free
      Pizza is somewhere on the list too - and yes - pizza is a feeling :)

      And Thanks. In order to accomplish my goal these next couple months are going to have to be tightly controlled but I think I can do it.

  2. Congrats on continuing to take the steps to keep your life moving in the direction you want. Success breeds more success. gl!

  3. Nice blog, great writing... But you never touch on any of the topics in the name of this blog at all....

    1. I have strayed from my path -
      However, at one point I had talked about most of those things with some sort of regularity...

      It's funny how much my life has changed in the 6-8 months since I made that description...

  4. I love your last sentence!!! So happy that things are going well. I agree with Anonymous--your writing is excellent. Nice job on this blog, and great to hear you didn't pee your bed.

    1. Thanks Linda!
      Much appreciated stop by and compliment.