Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twas the night before Monday

The good news is that this morning I was actually able to sleep in.  After a nice long rest I Jumped on the scale and took note to the fact that I am rapidly approaching 255 which will put me at 45 lost pounds.
That's great considering I hung around 265 for about 2 months but now appear to be back on track and consistently dropping some pounds again.  By this time next week I will be under 255 and working on hitting 250.  I'm currently over half way to my goal of getting down to 220 but I'm pretty certain the closer it gets the harder it will be as I haven't been that low since College.

Early in the week I had made a concerted effort to actually drink more water after noticing the first set of results for what fluids I've been putting into myself.
Now that it's Sunday lets see if that effort was wasted or if it made any type of difference.

375.6 oz Diet Mt Dew
371.8 oz Water
32 oz Monster Rehab
16 oz Orange Rock Star
16 oz Fruit Punch Rock Star
12 oz Sugar Free Red Bull
16 oz Lambrusca delicious mess you up Red Wine

Running Totals
Diet Dew: 675.6 oz
Water: 591.5 oz
Gatorade: 64 oz
Orange Rockstar: 48 oz
Miller Lite: 36 oz
Monster Rehab: 32 oz
Bud Lite: 24 oz
Diet Pepsi: 16 oz
Diet Coke: 16 oz
Fruit Punch Rockstar: 16 oz
White Rockstar: 16 oz
Red Wine: 16 oz
Sugar Free Red Bull: 12 oz

At this point I have drank over 5 gallons of Diet Mt Dew this month and 4.5 gallons of Water for the month.
I drank a lot more water over the past week or whatever but I also increased my consumption of Diet Dew - Mainly to keeping late nights and needing caffeine to keep me going.
I'm quite curious if I can push 1500 ounces of Diet Dew for the month.

So, while my Diet Dew consumption is probably off the charts and highly unhealthy I'm still eating better and losing weight which is pretty much the only statistic that I honestly care about at this point.  Once I see the total numbers for the month then I can set some goals towards consumption for November and see if I have the will power to go through with it.


  1. grrouchie 4.5 gallons of water for the month that is terrible. I drink at least if not more than a gallon of H2o per day more if i drink a soda. If you drink 1 soda you need to drink 64ozs of water to replace the fluids the soda takes out of you. Good luck! Congrats on you weight loss i bet you feel better.

    1. Don't be too hard in him. He's doing a great job. He's not much of a water drinker, so he's doing good for just starting out. ;o)

      Drinking too much water is bad for you too. It ends up flushing much needed nutrients out if your body before they can get absorbed.

      I too drink a lot of water, but careful that I don't drink too much. Basically, that's all I drink. And it's not really the pop itself, it's the caffeine that is the culprit that can cause dehydration. So, it would be the same story if he drank too much coffee.

    2. Nerd - "Don't be too hard in him"
      IN HIM?
      He's telling me to drink more water, not trying to prison rape me :)

      Also - Yes, I probably need to drink more water. I've been told that 64 oz per day is what you should shoot for. I'm only around 42 so I've got some work to do there. But, this month is about documentation and NOT changes. Next month I will enter Phase 2.

      Also, my Dew consumption is no where near what it was in High School or even College for that matter where it was pretty much the only thing I ever drank.... I never drank water back then, it was a Dew or nothing. And that was regular old fashioned Mt Dew full of calories and sugar and a number of other things probably not that good for me.

      Diet vs Regular debate can go either way - I go Diet because it lacks the Sugar and the Calories. Am I right? who knows. It's my decision though because I'd rather drink Diet than give it up.

  2. Congratulations - you are doing SO WELL! Keep it up!