Friday, October 05, 2012

Got some Blue Bloods on my new Duds

Today was originally planned to head out to the Ren fair for the evening sometime after work but it appears as though a sick kid might put the kabosh to that plan.  If that falls through then I'll be spending a mostly quiet evening in front of a TV watching the final disc of Blue Bloods Season 1 with a friend.

Overall I think the show is pretty good for a cop drama but there really hasn't been a whole lot to make it stand out above and beyond the others that I have seen.  It's more family centric than the rest which is what it uses to try and give it that personal touch but I'm not really watching it because I think it's bombastic - I'm watching it because she enjoys the show.

I'll be ordering the NFL Package either tonight or tomorrow and still deciding on which one to get.  I'm considering getting the MAX package because that will allow me to install the NFL Package App on my PS3's and use them on two more TV's to have more games going on at once.  I believe it also allows me to go mobile with it and watch on a phone, ipad, laptop, whatever else.  But, I still have a few more hours to make that decision.  Luckily I have off this weekend and will be able to spend time watching the games and am quite stoked about that.
I'm hoping to invite a few people over for beer, wings and football.  A nice relaxing day watching overpaid grown men play a game for my entertainment!

Work started out slow and picked up real quick in a hurry.  I have one manager telling me some things that needs done and then another just dropped a huge amount of work into my lap.  So now the real fun begins.  It's been a while since I was actually held accountable for stuff like this and it feels good to be back.

And finally - I've hit the Big Four Oh!
It appears as though Chris Coleman has just recently has joined the Cult of grrouch and I want everyone to welcome him aboard.

(I think I got the right person - this one didn't appear at the top of the list, but at the top of the faceless list.  If I'm wrong - my bad).

I had my alarm set for 4:20 so that I had time to shower and relax a few moments in front of this keyboard to organize my thoughts.  Once again I woke up at 4:19.... WTF.
That one minute means a lot to me.  Let me just hear the alarm go off please.

What is everyone planning for their weekend?
I've got (possibly) the Ren Fair - Disc 2 of Season 3 of Dexter and Football on my board. Let me know what y'all doing.


  1. Me and the boyfriend will also be at the fair tonight. He keeps talking about the turkey drumsticks. Then we will be playing God of War. He unfortunately isn't as good at the hard parts! He stinks at the timed puzzles :(

    1. Well, hopefully you guys never play on the hard difficulties Lol.
      Multiple broken controllers and ya might never beat it. :)

      New God of war next year

    2. Despite his shortcomings he's a keeper. He purchased a PS3 and that collectors pack of GOW because I wouldn't shut up. He's been subjected to some physical and emotional abuse on account of my videogaming.

  2. Happy Birthday! What time on Sunday? (if I wasn't in Texas and didn't have to work)...

  3. I'm going to the Trinity site tomorrow (Saturday) to get some much needed radiation. It's where they set off the first nuclear bomb. Hopefully it's cool. It takes four hours to get there. Probably will stop of in Albuquerque on the way back and check out the mall.