Monday, October 15, 2012

My Body is Falling Apart

I'm quite sure that part of this is the whole age factor and I'd really love to put most of the blame into that category but I know deep down within my soul that it is not correct.  
Sure, I'm not getting younger but the fact remains that I have almost never been in good physical shape and thus while trying to get into better shape I need to learn to limit what I am doing until I build up to the proper tolerances and whatnot.  I over do things and push myself harder than I should and as a result I get aches and pains that are above normal or ordinary.
Case in point, with the whole moving adventure that happened recently.  I wanted to make sure that it all got done as quickly as possible so that I didn't have to drag it out.  There were points where I didn't have the help that I required and so I did what any self respecting man would do and said "fuck it, I can do this myself."

Problem is that I really couldn't and needed to wait for help.  There was one piece of furniture in particular that had moving parts and based on the way I was holding it and the way that it slammed down upon my wrist and sent a horrendous pain through my arm I honestly thought I broke it.  However it was just a bruise/sprain/something painful without the bone fragmenting.  I could barely use it for 3-4 days and even after that it hurt to put pressure on it.
On top of that there were things I moved by myself where I ended up having to rest most of the weight on my shoulder and of course I chose my bad one.  So that brought me back to feeling almost like I did when I tore my Rotator Cuff a few years back.  

The end result of all of that was not being able to do my exercises, specifically push-ups, for about 2 weeks. Now I'm trying to get back into the routine and it's basically like starting all over again, only slightly stronger.

The last few days I have done a minor amount of push-ups but have forgotten to document them on my little tab up there but hopefully that will change in the near future.  Today I was able to rattle off 15 of them and felt good about that but we will see how I feel tomorrow.
I also did a plank for the first time today and lasted a whole 30 seconds. WOOOO, I suck.
Whatever.  I'm trying and not giving up after a period of inactivity like I would have previously.

However, Now I'm going to put some food in my belly and then watch more of The Walking Dead Season 2.  I might throw in a little exercise between episodes.

grrouch out


  1. The title of this entry, you need to go try out for the Steelers - you're a LOCK! ;)

  2. I did the same thing when I moved. Then did it again a few months ago trying to move a washer up the steps by myself. Then I do it again not long after that with something else. Then again on Monday hauling and stacking firewood. You see a trend? Lol. I have this idea that even though my body is not in the best condition that I can still do whatever I want. Unfortunately, my body has other ideas. So it protests violently after I do whatever task and then I have to not do stuff for a day or two so I can recover.

    This was typed up as I am currently recovering from Monday's firewood experience. ;o)