Monday, October 29, 2012


So if'n y'all follow the internet it appears as though 4chan decided to play a little prank and "leak" out information that Justin Bieber has cancer.  Then what happened was a whole lot of sheep started shearing themselves and posting with the hashtag #baldforBieber.

So, I can't resist the opportunity to take advantage of this to spread my own cause.
I, grrouchie, am here by also going Bald for Beaver
That's right, you heard it here first.
Only one razor was broken in the process, however two camera's also broke and my Mirror no longer is reflective after I walked by it.  I'm not sure what any of that means but dammit, look at that dome.  I'm a sexy beast aren't I?
And all because Justin Beaver does NOT have cancer.  Maybe he'll see this and find out how much he has touched my life, come to Vegas to visit me and take me out on a coke and hooker bender with Charlie Sheen and make my life complete.
Afterwards I'll have him autograph my bald head and then we will immediately run to the nearest Tattoo shop so that I can have JB's autograph permanently across the back of my scalp.
Then, weekly, I will head to my nearest hair salon and have them shave my head Except keeping a hair outline of JB's autograph.

I will forever be awesome and admired by millions across the globe as the stupid fat-ass in Vegas.

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  1. Wow! Tried this once...never again. I hope I don't go bald.